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    (Incidental but possible helpful info)I am looking to use WordPress as a CMS for a client. I written a theme to use custom sidebars utilising widgets. An area on the site has three images running horizontally across the width of the page at the bottom (configured as one of the custom sidebars). These images are links to other areas on the site.

    (Actual Question) Ok, Currently I am using 3 sidebar Text Widgets with the image and link html to display the images as described in this article. This is clunky though, while fine for me as designer come coder, for the end user, at best this is gonna be difficult to understand or at worst will make my life hell if they don't catch on quickly.

    Has anyone any suggestions for a more streamlined solution? A sidebar widget that allows you to upload, choose the image and make into a link would be ideal and also require the end user to have virtually no html experience. I love WordPress and am an avid fan (boy) but this seems to be a gap in the system. I will continue to use the system regardless but it would be good to know I havent missed anything.

    Thanks in advance for reading and your time.

  2. eminentstyle
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    Ok, I have adapted another basic widget to my needs and am planning to release in the near future (with credits of course), once I have the creases ironed out.

    The one major issue is cosmetic but to do with the control forms being the wrong dimensions in the presentation\widgets panel. If anyone can help here it would be appreciated.

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