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  • taminpaname


    Hello everybody,

    I’m new here so I hope I do everything as I’m supposed to!

    I’m looking for a gallery plugin or an addon to extend a gallery plugin functionalities as described below.

    Once in the image gallery, on hover, apart from the possibility to enlarge an image in a Lightbox, I would like for visitors to be able to select this image and add it to a selection called PDF selection (or Lightbox?).

    It would also be great to have this possibilité in the gallery presentation but also while the image is enlarge.

    Once they finished their selection (ideally over the all website and not juste this page), they would be able to generate a custom PDF with their selected images.

    This PDF will not have any HD images but just clean enough thumbnails to be save or printed to keep a trace of their visit.

    The PDF should also be branded (Cover with logo, etc…) and the images inside should have their infos (author, details,…)

    It’s something I found in about 1 on 5 talents agent websites and that is pretty useful for Art director or artwork buyers to keep track of their research.

    All I found seems to be custom developed but my javascript/php skills are really thin… I did all the keywords combination I could think about (in french or english) on google but I was unable to find anything!

    Here are some examples:

    If someone could have an idea of plugin(s), code that I could implement (but I really doubt I could…) or even just ideas on where to look for…

    Thanks for reading me!

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  • andraganescu


    Hi there, unfortunately I searched but couldn’t find anything in the form of a WordPress plugin that will do this PDF building that you need. More so, I looked at all the provided links and they all appear to be custom coded websites.

    My advice at this point is to either find a developer who can implement this behaviour on top of a WP gallery or to suggest it as a feature to one of the free or paid WP galleries 🙂 and then wait it out.



    Hi Andraganescu,

    Thanks a lot for your express reply!

    It’s what I also guessed… Not much options at this point.

    If necessary I’ll ask a friend of mine to create it but my budget on this project is pretty low… As for the possibility for a gallery plugin to create this feature, I’ll try but I’ll probably won’t be able to wait for it. ;(

    I hope someone may have an idea.

    Hi, I’m also looking for such a functional extension. Have you progressed or had an idea for a cost-effective implementation?

    Would anyone be willing to take over individual programming? Please contact me.

    I’m pleased about a feedback.

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    I finally had to ask a programmer to implement a sort of whishlist function (select the image > add it to a list on a seperate page). It cost me 400€. Then, I found a PDF export plugin to export the page. Because my design of this page was simple (I did the integration), exporting the complete page (with the header, etc…) was ok.

    You can see it here:

    Hi taminpaname,

    thanks for your feedback! I really like the function.
    Which programmer did you contact for it? Can I get in contact with him/with the company? Is the handling in the backend userfriendly aswell?

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