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  • When I try and add images to a post (or to the library) neither the ‘select files’ or the ‘browser upload’ do anything, by which I mean they literally do nothing, no time out, no errors, just nothing. In fact the button shows top left of the dialog box instead of dead centre like it usually does.

    This is a new install – it is installed in a 1and1 hosting package that has all my other (totally fine and healthy) wordpress installations (not multi-site).

    Here’s what I’ve tried so far (rolling back to default after each failed fix attempt):
    Clearing my browser cache (and restarting)
    Trying the button in FireFox, Chrome and IE
    Increasing memory limit in a php.ini file in wp-admin
    Increasing memory limit in .htaccess
    Increasing memory limit in wp-config
    Disabling each plugin in turn
    Disabling all plugins by renaming the plugins folder
    Replacing the root files on the sever, wp-includes and wp-admin with the files I originally downloaded
    Replacing the root files on the server, wp-includes and wp-admin with files downloaded from
    Checking that there is an uploads folder in place
    Trying the button / link on another computer
    Disabling mod_security using a .htaccess file in wp-admin

    Iā€™m running out of ideas šŸ™

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    Can you try and disable mod_security in your Apache’s web server config? I mean not in .htaccess?

    Also does your web server’s error_log and access_log files reveal anything?

    My company hosts with so we don’t have any server access. The aspect that’s confusing me is that all the other sites hosted in exactly the same way are totally fine.

    I’ve had a look for logs but I only get traffic related logs, not error logs.



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    Looking good, which wordpress file is best to insert the code into? Is wp-config.php okay?

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    I tried putting it at the foot of wp-config but it killed the site giving the browser error ‘A fatal error has occurred. Script execution has been aborted’

    Images just randomly started working again for no apparent reason, so I’m putting this down to shonky hosting.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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