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[Resolved] Image Rotator for featured content area

  • I want to do an image rotator in featured content area as this website: http://gandyprinters.com/

    I know you feel you have dealt with this, but I cannot find a working solution anywhere. I tried your sugguested plugin: skitter slideshow, but there is error in the coding of the plugin. (I found your sugguestion only in google cached view).

    So, how do I make a image rotator in featured content as in gandyprinters.com/?

    Thanks a lot!!

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  • Sure, here’s how.


    Hi, Thanks for your reply.

    I added the full length child theme, and added meteor slider. I added the <?php> code to the index.php. set up the slider settings.

    However, when I wanted to add the shortcode to the child theme theme option, there was no “featured area”. There is still the parent theme’s “Content area” and “Featured Content”.

    I added the shortcode to “featured content”, it didn’t work.

    no need for the PHP code, and index.php is not the front page, home.php is and that’s where this would be in, however since you’re using a shortcode, we can do this from Theme Options only. Here’s the demo and also here if you’re using parent theme only 🙂


    I already installed the child theme. But why my child theme’s theme option is the same as the parents, and has “Content area” and “Featured Content”?

    I want to have images rotating across the who featured area. Where should I put the shortcode in the childe theme? Or anything wrong with my child theme?

    Theme Options are not really tied with the parent or the child theme, anything you add in Theme Options is completely independent, it’s not saved in the theme itself.

    To use full width and nothing else but the slider, please install this Child Theme itself:

    This Child Theme was made for this specific purpose and to help folks who’re not ready to code stuff 🙂

    BTW, what is the site?

    As the guide

    I have installed the full content child theme.

    My question is: with the child theme, where should I put the short code for the slider to be shown in the full featured content area?

    My website is only local now. Do you want me to put it live to see?

    Ok it worked!

    I added the short code in “theme option- headline”


    Thanks a lot

    no problem 🙂

    To correct, I added the short code in the “Content area” NOT “headline”

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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