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    Just noticed a possible problem with images in 3.5.

    I uploaded an image with the media library. I then rotated it 90 degrees, scaled and cropped it. Normal stuff.

    Placed it into my page. Which worked fine. On my computer, everything looks great, just how I wanted it. Checked the page on my iphone and it still has the original rotation.

    So it is sideways on my iphone but correct on my PC.

    I can just rotate it with another program before I upload it, but curious if anyone else has this issue.

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  • You could be picking up a cached version of the image on your phone,. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to clear the cache in an iphone browser, so you may have to wait for the phone’s local cache to expire and check again.

    basket full of lotion


    Pretty sure that isn’t it. As I currently have caching off and the cropping showed up on the phone.

    There are well-known problems with image rotation on iPhone 4 — so it could be related to that. Was the image taken with your phone?

    basket full of lotion


    It was taken with a Pentax K-r. The image was loaded into my computer where it needed to be rotated 90 degrees (camera was sideways when the photo was taken).

    So, I have:
    1. Deleted the picture in my media library.
    2. Gone back to the original image and rotated it with a program on my computer.
    3. Uploaded it back into my website media library.
    4. Scaled it, cropped it, and placed it into the page.

    It is now correct on both the PC & the phone.

    I knew this would work and that there was an easy way around it.

    Just thought I would bring up the fact that me rotating it WITH the media library edit caused it to not be rotated on my iphone. Where as rotating it with a different program and then uploading it worked just fine.

    If you can replicate this bug when using the default theme with no plugins, it might be worth posting in Trac.

    Personally, I’m just discovering this bug. The 5s takes a picture in portrait that appears normally within the Apple mobile world. Adding it as new media to WordPress displays the image 90 degrees rotated left (in other words, it’s on it’s side). If the image is published it will appear fine when viewed from the 5s, but will display sideways from my mac desktop.

    I don’t know if this is an Apple *or* WordPress issue. Apparently, some of the meta is not being interpreted correctly though within the WordPress media player – it looks like to me.

    @teaneedz: As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. This topic is 10 months old and references a much older version of WordPress.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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