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  • **Reproducible Issue**

    1. Take a portrait mode photo with the 5s
    2. Share photo via email to a mac (MBA-Mavericks)
    3. Upload image to WordPress (Media>Add New>Drop file)
    4. Image will be rotated 90 degrees to the left (sideways view from mac desktop)
    5. Rotate image in image editor 90 degrees to the right to display correctly again.
    6. View image from mac and it is fine. View image from 5s and it is rotated.

    *If step 5 is omitted, the image will be sideways on the mac but will display normally on the 5s

    I don’t know if this is an Apple *or* WordPress issue. Apparently, some of the meta is not being interpreted correctly though within the WordPress media player – it looks like to me.

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    Apparently this has been a known issue for some time and tied to the EXIF orientation flag.

    See: JPEG Rotation and EXIF Orientation

    I found one fix in the form of an app called : Rotate Mailer in the app store.

    However, this is something that should probably be addressed within WordPress to eliminate the need for an extra app step.

    The EXIF orientation flag should be respected within WordPress.

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