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  • When the pixgallery page is created, how are the subdirectories sorted and is there a way to change it? I know its not alphabetical nor chronological.

    Hi all,

    This plugin looks pretty nice and “easy-to-install” but I still managed to make it not working.

    I always get this error:
    ‘ Error: Path is not secure or does not exist [/]! ‘

    Can anyone tell me where I did it wrong and what do I have to change to make it work?

    Here is my WP environment…

    WordPress is located in a /www/ directory on my host server.

    My PixGallery folders are:

    In my PixGallery options, the cache path is: /images/cache/

    In the page where I “call” the PixGallery plugin, I have:
    <pixgallery path=”/images/gallery/”></pixgallery>

    Latest thing to precise, my “images” folder on my host server is CHMOD 755. I cannot change it unfortunately. Does this give me enough rights on this folder to make PixGallery work?

    Thanks in advance for your help and please forgive my english mistakes 😉

    Mousekiss, I recommend you follow my instructions on my website

    Pixgallery is tested on IIS only and is lacking in the Unix department. Good luck.

    Hi, has anyone solve the Error: Path is not secure or does not exist yet?

    @ bunklung: how to know if the host is Unix or not? If not then is the solution the same?

    Sorie I’m noob in php.

    It’s funny, I’m using Linux and the only problem I have is the “Parent Folder” link does not work properly. All it ever has is ?px=/ at the end of the url. This is true no matter how deep into folder I go, the Parent folder link is always empty. However, every other link works fine, including next/pervious folder, next/previous image, and even clicking on the location link for the parent folder!
    For the moment I might just remove that link from appearing, and place the location parent link there, but it’s just weird that that doesn’t function for me at all abut no one else seems to have the issue.

    Quick question: It appears that the plugin uses alphabetical order to display the images in the thumbnail gallery (but in some cases it doesn’t seem to follow this which is weird). Do you think that there might be a way to instead order things in a custom manner (so maybe ascending/descending filename, or possibly by when the file was added to the server so new images were always at the end or beginning)?

Viewing 7 replies - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)
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