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  • I have the same backslash error.
    Appearantly, the php script is configured for “windows” directories and it doesn’t run on linux boxes. Could that be possible?
    Anyway, if in the file I change the $pixglobal_rootwebsite variable to concatenate ‘//’ instead of ‘\\’ it doesn’t crash anymore. However it still doesn’t seem to find my pics…
    Any ideas???? Someone????

    Here’s what I did (I’m not a programmer – just trial and error using echos and print statements)

    function PixGallery_DeterminePaths()
    global $PixGlobal_Url, $PixGlobal_RootWebsite;

    $ScriptFile = $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’];

    if (isset($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]))
    $PixGlobal_RootWebsite = $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’];
    $PixGlobal_RootWebsite = substr($ScriptFile, 0 , (strlen($ScriptFile) – strlen($_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’])) + 1);

    if ($PixGlobal_RootWebsite[strlen($PixGlobal_RootWebsite) – 1] != “//”)
    $PixGlobal_RootWebsite .= “//”;

    if (isset($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]))
    $PixGlobal_Url = PixGallery_UrlGetPath($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]);
    $PixGlobal_Url = PixGallery_UrlGetPath($_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]);

    I made the same changes to get rid of the backslash and eliminated all the errors. Unfortunately, it doesn’t find any images or folders. I sure hope the plugin author can help as this is a very cool and simple plugin (providing it works). I would be happy to be a test site for the author to help make this a really great plugin. Just let me know.

    Ok, I’ve downloaded and installed the new version. I’ve changed the \\ to //.

    And now I’m getting this:

    Warning: getimagesize(/images/photos/Hesperia House/Hesperia House - 20.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/clunybr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/pixgallery Folder/pixgallery.php on line 197

    Warning: Division by zero in /home/clunybr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/pixgallery Folder/pixgallery.php on line 205

    Warning: Division by zero in /home/clunybr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/pixgallery Folder/pixgallery.php on line 206

    Warning: Division by zero in /home/clunybr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/pixgallery Folder/pixgallery.php on line 259

    After that error message, it does load a preview for the first gallery — and I can click through to see the thumbnails — but none of the thumbnails are resized. And the second gallery doesn’t show up at all.

    Anybody got anything?

    Thanks, nathanmo, for the new version. I installed it, changed the \\ to //, and it works great now.

    I got it to work after a few editing with just the part where you input the root directory and such. Although after I made a new post, the page would not display my post and the sidebar too. The only thing that would show up is the title of the most recent post. Any idea what would be wrong? If I take off,

    add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘PixGallery_PhotoGallery’);
    add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘PixGallery_Image’);

    it will work again but it just as if I deactivated the plugin.

    ah, I found the problem. I made a ” 🙂 ” in my post and WordPress converted it to a smiley face picture and that broke the script or something. I took off the smiley and everything works again. Although my new problem is that it doesn’t resize nor popup a layer or new window for the images in my posts. I don’t mind this much since I have been without that feature and doing fine but I would like it to work anyway 🙂

    Installed the latest version, changed the \\ to // and indeed it works.
    Unfortunately, the layer does not resize the way it should. And because my pictures are BIG, that is somewhat a problem…any ideas?
    BTW: thanks for the new version, except for the layers it works great!

    The new 0.1.9 version does seem to work quite well after you change the “\\” to “//” and comment out the add_filter(the_content,pixgallery_image) as mentioned above.

    I like the flexibility of changing the location of your galleries folders. I’ve tested a lot of photo gallery album plugins and php scripts and wanted to see if I could use the existing folders each one of my tests created. There seems to be a problem with folders the begin with “_” (underscore). Would there be a way to exclude certain folders from your plugin?

    Thank you for the work you’ve done on the plugin.

    Thanks nathanmo for the latest version 0.2.0. Had to change the \\ to // in the determine paths for my server. The pics get displayed as groups, but when you select a specific one, the picture does not get displayed in either a layer or new page. In detail, after selecting the pic, a new page is loaded but only shows the top half of the page with no picture or sidebars. Its almost like the page did not fully load.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    In regards to my previous post, another plugin was conflicting with pixgallery. I deactivated the plugin and everthing is working fine.

    Thanks for the excellent work nathan.

    Could someone please write a short readme with info on how to setup this plugin? I do not know any PHP, so i have no clue how to tweek things and make it work that way.

    Does not seem like nathanmo will release any official install notes?

    No matter what i do i keep getting the same error:

    Error: Photos path is invalid!
    Error: Photos path should contain subfolders to store each photo gallery!

    I have been trying diff. locations, CHMOD’s, edited the php file, updated the Pixgallery setup in the admin aection – still nothing…

    Also been reading the prev. posts here, but it did not help;(

    I am on a UNIX server. (Also tried thanging the \\ to //)

    i’m getting the same path invalid error. a readme would be much appreciated!

    is this correct?

    $PixGallery_RootPhotos = "/gallery/33/";
    $PixGallery_RootCache = "/gallery/cache/";

    $PixGlobal_Url = "";
    $PixGlobal_RootWebsite = "www/htdocs/tempsite/";

    my photos are in www/htdocs/tempsite/gallery/33/
    the cache folder is at www/htdocs/tempsite/cache/

    ditto. Having many problems. Error shown.

    Error: Photos path is invalid!
    Error: Photos path should contain subfolders to store each photo gallery!

    Ok, I’m assuming that I’m just a dumbass.

    I’m getting the same error as the few last people:

    Error: Photos path is invalid!
    Error: Photos path should contain subfolders to store each photo gallery!

    Am I supposed to do more than put the two files in the plug in folder, create the directory and set all that up and upload folders?

    Sorry for the stupidity.

    im having the same problem as the three poster above me, i tried the // thing

    im also on a linux server

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