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  • dragozir


    Note: I had a post written a few days ago but halfway through writing it I dropped all my tables and my computer froze so I had to put this off until today.

    I set up a breakpoint in Chrome for attributes modification on one of my slideshow images (simulating slow 3G and CPU throttling), because there was this really strange block under my slideshow (I don’t Lazy Load first two images because they load well enough imo). I found that height was auto in both cases, but the one that was lazy loaded had equal heights and widths and the other was scaled properly (16:9=>1000*562). I’m using metaslider but I plan on switching to a different slideshow plugin because this one feel rather sluggish regardless. I have 8 pictures in my slideshow, so it really would be ideal if there was lazyloading going on as it is immediately in the viewport and slow networks generally only see the first two slides. I’ll try to switch my slider to a more performance oriented slideshow and see if I can post a follow up.

    Note: I found a piece of code while grepping about the source code that I think can be optimized (removing unnecessary assignment. Where would the appropriate place to discuss this be (I’m thinking Github? Unless you’d prefer it private). Thanks in advance.

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