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  • Hello,

    I have tried to set the image size to 500px (width and height) but the images are not resized.

    The demo/preview link in the setting page is reflecting these settings.

    Tried with 500, 500px or 50%. Same issue.

    Using WP version 3.4.2 and no other image related plugins.

    What could I check?

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  • I have a similar problem, max width and sizes are not working at all. On WP 3.5 and last plugin version.

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    Please try version 2.5.4.

    I’m on WP 3.5.1 and version 2.5.5 of this plugin, but resizing is still broken. Any ideas?

    Not sure if i am having issues or I have misunderstood the plugin.
    Are the images meant to resize in a reponsive way when they are clicked on to view the larger image?

    If not then disregard… if so, then I am having issues too

    WP 3.5.1 and v2.5.5 of Lightbox Plus


    I’m having no longer problems.
    WP 3.5 and LightBox v2.5.4

    The size in the LightBox panel are as follows:
    Initial Width: 30%
    Initial Height: 30%
    Maximum Width: 90%
    Maximum Height: 90%
    Resize: true

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    LBP will not resize images that are smaller than the size of the lightbox. the best thing to do it to link to a large image and have it resized downward.

    So for example – if you have an image that is 1920×1200 pixels and most peoples’s screens are 1366×768 and you set the Max Height/Width to 90% it will create a lightbox of a maximum of 90% of the height of the viewport. If you set it to 500px then that’s how bit it will be. In either case the image would be scaled down – never up.

    Generally it’s best to leave everything at the default settings except Max Height and Width and use percentage to set those.

    WordPress 3.5.1 and Lightbox Plus 2.6, images are massive and not resized. is an example post.

    This is a network blog, and this is not the main site if that makes a difference.

    Update from my prior post: Using WordPress 3.5.2, LBP 2.6. On a single site, LBP resizes images correctly to fit the lightbox size. On the same versions, the network blog does not resize the photo, though the lightbox is sized to match the settings.

    It does not seem to matter whether I activate on individual network blogs or network activate for all.

    Any ideas?

    Same problem for me 🙁

    i use wp 3.6 and lighbox colorbox plus 2.6 …

    inner width: 30%
    inner height: 30%
    max width: 90%
    max height: 90%
    resize: true

    The image width resized 90% but if the image height larger than screen height, the litghbox window visible a scrollbar …

    How can i fix it?



    Same issue here. WP 3.6 and LBP 2.6. If image is wider than the screen it get resized, but the aspect ration is wrong, because the height is resized to screen size, too. If the image width is smaller than screen size, the image is not getting resized. max width: 90%, max height: 90%, resize: true.




    I should have posted in another thread, this is an originally pretty old thread but I noticed too late. Sorry for that!

    Having the same issue with WP 3.6 and LBP 2.6. You can see the problem at:

    Click on any of the images in the primary post on the site (except the featured one). The images are 4000×3000, I’ve got the settings set to 90% for max width and height and the resize box checked, but it doesn’t resize the images down. It just shows the upper left corner of the photos.

    Any result?
    I’m updated wordpress to 3.6.1 but image resize not working 🙁
    Resize only width …

    Same problem. Image resize is not working. Latest WP and plugin.

    I have to use another plugin atm, but I can provide example if necessary.

    nice support … i think …

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