• Hi all,

    I’ve been told to “never, ever do image resizing using HTML”.

    A bit of searching online shows me that “Never upload an image and allow your browser to resize it for you. When you input height and width tags on a large image to make it appear smaller (a mistake many novice WordPress users make), the image still loads first – then browser resizes it, so this won’t help with page load times”.

    But can anyone shine some light on to how I do that in wordpress? I don’t know if I am doing this or not?!!

    Many thanks in advance!

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  • There’s an eays way to tell if an image is being resized by the browser, at least when you look at the page in Firefox. Right-click on the image and select ‘View Image Info’. That will show you the details of the image and it’s dimensions. If it’s being resizes in HTML then it tells you right there. IE does something similar, but I don’t know if it tells you that the image is resized, and I’m sure that Chrome would have something simlilar as well, but I haven’t looked at those two yet.

    @catacaustic, I believe the OP is referring to whether or not he/she’s doing this as a webmaster.

    @ansgbaldwin, I actually don’t think WP users are setting their image sizes by manually inputting tags. When adding a picture, there is an opportunity to adjust the display settings by selecting from a picklist (e.g. thumbnail, medium, full size) and then continue to resize based on percentage if necessary.

    If I want to ensure that the picture is a certain display size, file size, and that it looks right after the resizing, I would use image software prior to adding. For most pages where there are a small number of images, slightly reducing a size of an image would barely impact the page’s load time.

    Ok great, thanks!

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