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  • Hi. Hope you can help. I’ve installed a theme from information architects in

    The problem is that the images on my installation, in posts, doesn’t resize properly when i scale the browser-window down. On the IA page the images in posts rescale fine but on my site the images only scale vertically.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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  • I don’t quite get your problem. please rephrase your question. maybe I can help you out!

    Hi Elia.

    Fantastic. I am using this theme (they sell the theme and also use it on their own site.

    In the link above there’s an image. When you make the browser thinner, the images resize to be smaller. (mobile device feature)

    On my site the images resize but only in the width.

    I can NOT figure out why even though I have no coding skills 🙂

    Thanks in advance



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    If this is a commercial theme, then you need to contact the theme’s vendors for support.

    @ Esmi.

    I know. My hands are tied. They have a nasty disclaimer 🙂 Thought I would give it a go here. Is that not polite ? New to the forum / rules. If so sorry and forget I asked.

    Have a nice evening

    hello anw.

    I get your question now. all this time I thought you wanted to resize your images. lol.

    what you want is for your website images to ‘resize’ whenever a visitor/user restores down and maximize their browser… Right???

    well, let me tell you that it’s working fine on my end here. maybe this has something to do with your current browser. what browser are you using? it’s possible that you can fix this problem by upgrading to the latest version of your browser.

    I’m currently using firefox Firefox/3.6.16 and your site’s images works fine on my end.

    btw, it’s ELIE bro… not elia… lol.



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    It’s not impolite or against the forum rules but as it’s a pay-for theme, we can’t exactly download it and have a look. So, in these cases, we suggest that you contact the vendor. After all, if it’s not working as advertised, then they have not fulfilled their part of the bargain. Personally I would never pay for a theme that didn’t offer at least basic support as part of the overall package.

    Having said that, I had a quick look at your theme and didn’t see anything that I would class as an issue. Images that resize width-wise with screen resolution are something of a rarity as it is. The only way to stop the resizing from happening is to make the entire theme fixed-width – thus forcing a horizontal scrollbar on smaller screens.

    @elie. Sorry about the name cock up….:-) My bad. I’m on firefox 4 and this works fine but mine does not. So I don’t think it’s browser related.

    See the image resize on this post

    and then on this:

    In the latter (mine) the images scale weird (only width is scaled) and I would very much like it to be as on the first.


    Thanks for having a look. I guess you’re right. I should write them and tell them that it’s not working.


    @anw, my final advice is to have a look at the settings, maybe you messed something up or something. (always happened to me before on my past themes) lol.

    on that note, this is really too advanced stuff for me so, yeah.. it’s probably best you send a ticket to the guys from where you bought the theme. goodluck bro!

    @esmi could you please please help me out with my ‘small’ problem here:

    thanks! =)

    hi there,

    for all having troubles with (auto)scaling images in the iA3-theme and looking for help: remove the width- and height-parameters from the concerning images.

    HTH, bye stau

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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