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  1. rogermare
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am not particularly technical so with that in mind let me ask for your help.

    My blog has a page with a list of the posts on page one which displays an image and the text up to read more. Necessarily the image has to be small (thumbnail). When the read more is clicked you see the full post, but the images (have to) are the same thumbnail size.

    WHat I would like is the thumbnail size and text up to read more on the home page then the image to be able to be re-sized (larger) when the reader clicks through to the post.

    I have looked at featured image but it seems to just create a thumbnail (not the text)

    Is there a plug in on a feature that allows this.

    Thanks in advance

    p.s. If it helps the site is at http://www.consideratecounselling.co.uk then choose the Blog tab

  2. rogermare
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have got featured image so now can achieve the image and the post using featured image. What I can't do is have the image open at full size when you click through to full post.

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