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  • Hi,

    I use the latest wordpress, develop on localhost then transfer to server and host myslef (Using the typical “easyapp” from my hosting provider).

    Now after uploading everything from scratch… I went and setup wordpress, and manualy reupload(to the hostserver) every page, post and pictures.

    All my JPG picture (optimized or not saved between 8-12 quality) lost about 30% quality since being uploaded to my server?


    Image quality loss: the only new changing being the server host, the question prevails who the hell is messing up my JPG?

    this question has been asked a millions of times and that would be nice if there were places to get the real wordpress lowdown relating to image quality.


    I am struggling as i use gradient everywhere and any sharp line mess up all my gradient bg in JPG…. png is fine but heavy!

    So anybody, after ready 3 years old post and no real answer, can anyone help? thanks

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