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  • hi all,

    i have just started a new blog. i have found that image quality degrades substantially for my uploaded pictures. I can’t find any kind of image quality setting anywhere.

    check this out:

    images are fuzzy and colors are all washed out.

    does anybody any suggestions?



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    You may wish to talk to wordpress.COM support. We support WordPress.ORG here (self-hosted bloggers).

    Hi am having same issue, however I clicked on your link and pictures look good to me…Have you resolved this issue?

    thanks, i did not even know about this distinction. it is all explained here.

    this is one more new thing on top of a mountain of other stuff that i have to do–decide on vs. sheesh!

    well if anybody might know off-hand how to fix this for my hosted blog i would really appreciate any advice.

    jriggs, if you saw my pictures next to the originals the difference would be clear. i have viewed in a few different browsers. the problem is definately on the hosting end.



    it seems there isn’t much on the forum.

    a search for “image quality” returned the following pretty thin results:

    a query that i might come back here with is the ease or difficulty with which i might switch to if i find a need to do so. for right now it looks as though .com is better option.


    Sorry to butt in again, as I’m no graphics guy by any stretch, but I do have one suggestion:

    The 1st image on your site – 13-iii-09-st-ouen-i-s.jpg
    is 451x341px and is just under 100KB. What kind of quality do expect with an image this resolution?

    I suggest you compare the original file’s properties to those of the online pic. I’m thinking you’re going to see a discrepancy there, which would indicate re-sizing is going on somewhere.

    yes, this is exactly the problem. WordPress resizes my images at uploading, and it also lowers quality substantially.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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