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    You deleted them via FTP, not via wordpress. That’s the issue. WordPress still think that they’re there.

    You have to go back through and delete those now. Or just leave them. It’s up to you.

    why does wordpress still think they are there? is there cache I need to clear or something?

    WP thinks they are THERE because you didn’t delete them via WORDPRESS but outside of it, via ftp! If you put them back via FTP with same names/locations, you’ll see them in WordPress and can delete them safely from there; or you can delete the ‘placeholders’ of the deleted images from WP; it doesn’t matter 🙂 Just opt for one of these two options and mark the thread as RESOLVED 😉

    Cheers! 🙂

    PS WP doesn’t have ‘cache’ for the images; the images names/places are in the database, because you uploaded them via WP; but you didn’t delete them via same way that’s the reason WP still ‘thinks’ they are there! 🙂

    Ah ok. Why would wordpress add them to a database though? Seems odd.

    Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but should we all repeat ourselves? 😉

    You UPLOADED the images using WORDPRESS! Everything you do using WordPress (write posts, add categories, upload images, etc.) is stored in the WordPress DATABASE.

    If you upload images using WordPress then WordPress WRITES the name of the images and their locations to the DATABASE. It is OBVIOUS. Now, if you delete them via WordPress panel, it removes the data about the images (and deletes the images from the server, too); if you delete them OUTSIDE of WordPress (via FTP) and then login into WordPress, of course WP will have still intact the info about the images in its database and will show the data about the images in the admin panel!

    But you have deleted them! Outside of it! So they are not THERE! But WP cannot KNOW that they are NOT there, as you didn’t remove them using WordPress, right?

    Errr… Hope you get the picture better:)

    Cheers, have a glass of beer, too:) (and read more)

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    Ah ok. Why would wordpress add them to a database though? Seems odd.

    The database stores lots of extra information about the images. Their size, the automatic thumbnail name/location, etc. It also has the ability to display the image as if it were a post, on it’s own page by itself, more or less. This let’s you style photo attachments and display them with special handling, if you want to do so.

    All files uploaded through WordPress get an Attachment entry in the database, so that WordPress can keep track of them. Just delete the file entry in the upload tab to make those placeholders go away.

    @lelion: Dude. Chill.


    Sure, just joking:) Your explanation is much better, and more exact than mine:)

    It’s a pain having to delete multiple images one-by-one in the upload window. Does anyone know of a way to delete them quickly?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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