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  • Hi,

    after intense reading for the last couple of hours and some testing, I now face the following problem:


    The blog will be run by a complete NOOB after I hand it over to him. HTML knowledge is minimal, PHP is none, CSS is none and he just wants to blog (not learn for months how to).

    Current situation:

    Posting in general will be no problem. However image upload and positioning will be. He can size an image correctly (e.g. I can tell him to size left/right pictures at 200 px width and center ones at 450 px and he will be able to do *that*. He is used to posting to a forum (like SMF or PHPBB), so this is roughly as easy as things should be for him.

    The current upload function (the new one for 2.0.x) is entirely nonintuitive (even I needed a while to discover just what is buggy where and how to circumvent this – NO way teaching a noob to do this!). Quite plainly, I’d rather he uploads manually, than use that one.

    So now I’m looking for options:

    – Is there a way to completely hide that upload function?

    – Is there a way to re-instate the former type of upload?

    – Is there a plugin (not the image-browser, as that one also has too many quirks) to do the trick?

    – Is there a way I could serve him with quicktags for the basic editor like “center image”, “left image” and “right image” which he could use to position images he uploaded?


    If I can’t do away with the current upload function, is there a way I can “kill” the thumbnailing function of it? I don’t exactly mean the problem of being unable to place the correct size in the editor. I want to do completely away with that automatic thumbnailing, so at least he could simply drag a picture into the editor and then position it with a quicktag.

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  • Why not just send him here? Would be alot easier on you and at same time, if he needs help, there is ALOT of people here to help get him through the possible issues/problems. End result will be self taught. =)

    It’s up to you though, to show him the basics or not..before letting him on his own though.. :/ What’s your gut telling you to do..?



    my gut is telling me that a 52 y/o Ukrainian without any tech knowledge, without knowledge of English, a net access via a 28kb modem which costs him 20 bucks per hour, a day job of roughly 14-16 hours out of the house, needn’t spend costly time on a support forum he isn’t able to read anyway in the evenings … instead of simply being able to write a post and garner it with a pic or two and place it on his very first own homepage/blog.

    Why do you think I posted the question? To be told to not do this? Why do you think I set the blog up for him? Because the guy is lazy? The blog will be hosted by me, and he’d have me down for a horrid host to give him something unusable and even make him spend hard-earned money to look for a solution he plain as hell can’t achieve on his own. This is like asking a cow to learn to ride a bicycle and I’m certainly not going to do this to someone I like and owe very much.

    Sorry, but this type of answer raises my blood pressure by at least 50 points. I wouldn’t be asking in precisely the manner I do, if I thought things could work differently. Cost-free and well-meant advice: most times it’s just exasperating and useless to second-guess people in a teacherly manner, the majority know why they ask something specific.

    I need a solution for this guy which he will be comfy with. And by the way – the same solution is needed for a couple of other users I need to set up with a WP blog, mostly also entirely beyond stumbling through a foreign language support forum without the slightest idea of what they’d be doing there.

    So, anyone have a constructive idea how to achieve entire ease of use with the 2.0.1 version? I’d hate to have to switch to Nucleus (of which I know the upload and positioning of pictures works easily). If I’d known WP changed – of all things – this between 1.5 and 2.0 I’d probably have gone for Nucleus right away anyway. It’s so basic to have an easy insert function of photos.

    I installed the “Filosofo Old-Style Upload” Plugin, which works just peachy and would be a good solution. But I need to get rid of the upload function in the Write/Edit interface.

    That said, I tried the sem-admin plugin for lesser clutter in the admin interface, but it won’t function with 2.0.1.

    I also tried the Changeset 3407 for the inline-upload which didn’t change a thing in behaviour of that function.

    So now I’m short of ideas what else to try.



    I don’t have a good WP answer really, but…

    1. teach him to FTP the Picture to a specific folder
    2. Make your own “Insert Picture” Quicktag that has all of the URL and the CSS class, with a huge and alt=”WRITE A CAPTION HERE”

    You DO NOT need to get cocky with me! I didn’t know all the specific ******* about the poor guy…***** ****! You’re the one that posted the question, and I don’t think jumping down someone’s throat right off the bat is exactly proper either!

    What else is someone supposed to reply with for that anyways… We are not mind readers and **** here.. We do not know that mans full blown situation…my thought on it is, you shouldn’t have posted that ****** *** question to begin with then!! Like I said, do what your gut tells ya to do with him and the blog then..along with the others..

    Tend to him and the others like anyone would with someone in that situation.. :/ That’s all, that’s it, no more ****!


    I’m trying to keep my cool! But it won’t last long LOL!

    [Moderated for language]

    Dear SpencerP,

    the next time take a question EXACTLY the way it is posted and believe the person asking, that this is PRECISELY what he wants to know. Anything else is entirely superfluous and there is absolutely no need for you to know the background. Thank you.

    The question I posted was VERY precise and as I explained (which I absolutely shouldn’t need to!) I have my reasons for asking. If you can’t answer the question, there’s no need to be homey with the person asking. That’s a lesson one learns sooner or later. So you’re welcome to having learned that one today.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I would do as Dgold suggests.
    Switch off the new editor and make a quicktag ?

    The only thing I can remember is this “old style” upload plugin:

    EDIT. For clients I also make several quicktags, like “ImgLeft” and “ImgRight” or “ImgCentr” – define them in stylesheet etc.

    EDITED* Sorry..the mods wrote while I was writing…

    Like I said, most likely all the comments from here were going to be removed anyways.. Must be nice to be mods and be able to get cocky with ppls without problems…I smell conspiracy..nah..I smell B.S. LOL!

    [Moderated] <- thanks though..really thanks. Prolly would have kept an arguement going or something… :/ [rolls eyes] I’m too tired for that anyway lol. I need to get to bed..


    I think it was all because I’m riding on no sleep, that’s what it is…sorry. Mind doesn’t quite function like supposed to..sigh.

    I have recently come accross this ImageManager plugin:

    I tried it and found it absolutely intuitive, simple and still professional. If you translate the “front-end” and configure it for your client then I think it would be a viable solution.

    If not, then I too, suggest the above solutions (qucktags and css).

    Sometimes, I simply just store pre-made solutions in a plain text file and just make copy/paste with the necessery corrections, as I have a very short mind 🙂

    Well, I cannot stand to mention that my short mind has just got a huge support and extension by the free EverNote program which is pluggable into both Firefox and IE.

    Now, with a single click, I can store and retrieve complete web pages or whatever interest.

    Hi again,

    @kassad: Great plugin, and it works like a CHARM! It’s the perfect solution for my problem, as it’ll be quite easy to write a ruleset for him as to how he can upload and paste his photos. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, that was precisely what I needed.

    @moshud: Could you please post a basic quicktag for simple centering of either image or text? I still have the problem that even the “absmiddle” doesn’t center the image, whereas a p align=”center” does.

    And as per seeing this plugin in action – I can only recommend replacing the current WP upload function with this one, it’s simply great and VERY logical and intuitive. Anyone using normal Windows on his computer will instinctively know how to manage his pictures with it.



    (it’s moshu, not moshud, but it’s OK, don’t worry)

    RE: quicktags. I followed this excellent guide of Podz:

    And a thought. Quicktags work only with the wysiwyg editor diasabled! Now if you disable wysiwyg (RTE) and the inline image upload – why not use WP 1.5.2, a very stable and much lighter than WP.2.0?

    just to throw my 2cents in here, the support forum, while helpful for developers, is not exactly non-web developer friendly. The search is awful and most of the solutions really rely on you knowing *something* about the installation, methods and markup.

    I’m eager to see the answer to this as I also have lots of clients like this – even with a bit more skills – that I’d love to provide a foolproof image inserting (and select left/right float) method.

    how do you make a quicktag?

    Did you click the link that moshu posted? It tells you exactly how to make a new quicktag.

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