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  • Is there a plugin that can display thumbnail on the post that is in the frontpage. If you click to read the full post, you will see the full image instead of the small thumbnail. What is I need to create something like that? Thanks for any input.

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    Not a WordPress plugin but extremely easy to integrate. Simply the best when it comes to features, allows even hotlinking to images from remote servers.

    Thanks Rayner, this is like a photo gallery, is different from what I am looking for.

    I havent seen a plugin to do this… but it is possible:

    1. setup your WordPress to post excerpts on your frontpage more info here

    2. Upload your images in WordPress and make thumbnails when you do.

    3. Use Image Browser that will help organize and create a link to the thumbnail. And put the thumbnail and whatever text you want in the excerpt.

    Now… I havent tried this.. but in theory it should work. I have put thumbnails in the excerpt in the past to have the thumb in my feed.

    The problem is the image call to the post and the single using the same image. I am still learning PHP, I don’t know how to separate that the post using the “Small size” image ” and single page using the “Full size” image.

    If you upload in WordPress… it creates a seperate thumbnail image…

    so in the excerpt you’d use code like: img src=”thumb-imagename.jpg” and in the actual post you’d put in the code to the full sized image. WordPress creates a file called thumb-imagename when you tell it to create thumbnails on upload.

    if your doing an external image… say one hosted off a news site or something. you can just hardcode the dimensions for a thumb ie: img src=”” height=75 width=75

    rekkid, could you, please, explain in more detail how to fix the excerpt with the img src code in order to solve the problem?

    Image Manager does what you want:

    Are you sure that it can do it? I’m using the plugin but I can’t figure it out.

    this thread should be closed, it is duplicated at:

    ok, whatever, I just need help.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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