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  • Hi all

    I have posted this question in the forum already, but the issue is not resolved yet. Maybe I can get some help from the makers of the plugin.

    I’ll try to be brief:

    – Issue: I have set up a new site in a MU network, which is mapped to a different domain name (set up as an ad on domain in Cpanel), so it looks like the new site has nothing to do with the MAIN MU site. Therefore, instead of it correctly displays as

    However, images still reference back to instead of being mapped as well i.e. newblog/images/example.jpg

    When uploading an image to newblog/images and trying to view the URL in a browser it just returns a 404. I hope there is a work around for this as it doesn’t look good for an independent site to display the image path of another domain.

    – What I did initially (may help to solve the issue): a) Added a new site to a MU setup b) Mapped the new site with the WP MU Domain Mapping plugin c) Set the new site up as an add on domain in Cpanel.

    For your information, I checked the first 4 options in the WP MU Domain Mapping plugin in the super admin configuration.

    So, the bottom line is, the actually domain has been mapped, but images still include the path of the host domain. In addition, when checking out the new site on a mobile device, it does not load it up. Instead it redirects back to the original MU host site – not the new one.

    Hope someone can give me a hand. Many thanks in advance!!

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  • Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    Image URLs in your post content should be replaced. If you are referring to image URLs included by your theem (ex. header images) it’s up to the theme to use the correct WP functions to retrieve the URLs for the images.

    Hi Ron

    Many thanks for your response. So I don’t misunderstand anything, I don’t usually use the WP tools such as visual editor and other gimmicks to upload images. I do everything in the HTML editor and include images directly in the code.

    So, for example my new MU site would have a path such as However, this does not work, as the new site already refers back to the host site. On top of a 404 for the path above the actual image path it’s looking for is Therefore, the images are not masked to the new site structure as if it was an independent site.

    In addition, the new site redirects straight back to the Main Site (the MU host site) when accessed on a mobile device.

    Of course I may be misunderstanding something, but I still don’t have a solution here 🙁

    Thanks again!

    Hi Ron

    I’ve been playing around and managed to solve the issue with the images. Thanks again. I didn’t quite get your answer in the first place.

    However, I still encounter the issue on mobile devices. When accessing the new site, it redirects to the main site. I have tried checking and uncheckig the options in the Domain Mapping Plugin, but that did not seem to make a difference.

    If this has anything to do with the setup in Cpanel – the new site is set up as an add on domain – I couldn’t park it, as it would have pointed to the top level domain as in the structure below:

    – Top Level Domain
    – Domain MU Network Main Site Ad On with own WP theme)
    – New Site (Child of another WP theme) – Ad On domain in Cpanel, so it does not point to Top Level Domain.

    The new site redirects to Main Domain upon accessing it on a mobile device. It doesn’t do so on a desktop platform.

    I would be super happy, if you could advise me. Many thanks!!

    Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    For the mobile devices it may be a DNS propagation issue. Give it another day or so to see if it resolves.

    Hi Ron

    I’ve checked with the hosting guys and they couldn’t figure out the issue either. They say it’s not a DNS prop issue as the site is set up to link to and thus redirects to – of course your plugin fixes that by mapping and make it appear as if it’s a stand alone site.

    But the mobile problem still persist. I have set up the domain a few days ago, cleared the cache and cookies on the mobile as well as checked on another mobile just to make sure – the result is the same. new site redirects to the main MU site ( on mobile only, desktop is fine.

    I’ve been advised to move to the top level branch, but that would mean a new WP install and thus defeats the purpose as this is supposed to be a MU network.

    I’ve run out of ideas…

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