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  • Hello!

    I build my site competely and then changed the domain name.

    All has gone smoothly, but the image paths.

    My images are still showing my OLD url, and I think this is affecting my thumbnails from showing up correctly.

    I just got off the phone with my host, I’ve been told to come here and ask about doing a SQL search and replace? Not very familiar with this.. but could try it.

    Any other suggestions for changing these image url paths? I have a LOT of images..

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  • Hi, please have a look at this document:

    But please make sure to back everything up before you try anything!

    You’ll want to do the steps in “Domain Name Change”. The SQL command mentioned in that section should fix your problem. As mention in the document, you can really mess things up here. Be 100% sure you have a Database backup before you start. If necessary talk to your hosting company and ask them to help you do a backup.

    Here is an older, yet very frank assessment of why you may or may not choose to do a search and replace yourself (if you’re not the adventurous type). It just depends on how comfortable you feel with the process. Just remember, whatever you do, ALWAYS keep a ( more than one, even ) backup of your database just in case the worst case happens, and something goes wrong.

    Search and Replace in WordPress MySQL Database

    This plugin may also be of interest. I have never used the plugin method, but it’s certainly worth a look.
    …again, make sure you have backup copies before making the changes.

    [edit] oops. I should probably give you a link to the plugin.

    Search and Replace

    That’s a great post. I did the search and replace on one of my sites once. It went OK but it’s a hairy experience. Having more than one backup is a great idea, many times I’ve wrecked a backup while scrambling to fix something.

    Take your time, be careful and make sure you have a database backup (this is different than just backing up your files). As ClaytonJames said – more than one backup is a great idea. Make one backup & save it on your computer. Make a second and email it to yourself. Heck, make a third and copy it to a different computer. You could even ask your hosting company to have a look at your backup file, and make sure it’s a valid backup.

    If you have a backup that you are able to restore from, then you’re fine. No matter how badly you mess things up, you can always restore. You just need to be 100% sure that you do have a valid backup, and that you can restore from it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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