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  • I use padding and borders to all my images as well and would love to be able to do that again without a plug in. However, now you are cornering us into searching and using plugins that may or may not exist yet. I would just like to be able to add a padding and border to my images with the same amount of ease as I did before the upgrade. How can I do that now?

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    Where did you added padding and borders?
    You mean on styling in visual editor or css?

    Visual editor. Before version 3.9 I was able to edit the image attributes using something like Padding:3px; and there was an option to add a border where I would put “1” resulting in Padding: 3px; border: 1px black. I can no longer do that in 3.9 but I would still like to have my images with padding. How can I do that now?



    Why don’t you do that with css.
    In child theme css you create class with that styling and than when you click edit image in advanced options you have Link CSS Class.

    For example

    .my-img-class {
    float: left;
    border: 1px solid #ccc;
    width: 100%;
    height: 200px;

    in link css class you write my-img-class

    Yea, I have the same problem.

    Specifically what do you put in the Image CSS Class field in WP 3.9 to get a 1 pixel border and padding of 10?

    Yeah you can do it with CSS – and even change it locally for individual images but dammit you’re missing the point:

    This process used to take about 10 seconds – and one could also change the image size or display size (by percentages, no less), change the source location of the image, and even more features. It would seem that the “image editing improvements” were mainly of the class: “now you don’t have to worry your pretty little heads about all that complicated stuff.”

    Switching to using CSS to accomplish this is great if you’re running a hobbyist site or a blog about your coin collection, but if you’re WORKING in wordpress it’s a class A PITA that will cost hours of work. I’m running a backlog of jobs and now I get to lose my weekend and probably most of next week updating 50+ sites with a plugin that replaces functions removed for no damned reason. And then training 50+ users in how to use the new NON-functionality.

    WordPress bills itself as easy to use but this just made it MUCH more difficult, or impossible, for anyone who hasn’t learned CSS.

    Thanks for your repsonse LapanWebsite, but the thing is that I never had that in my CSS before and would really like to avoid any changes to my code. Before 3.9 I was able to edit each photo on my site. I can no longer add the padding to my images and would like to be able to do that again, either with a plugin or not.

    Seems like i’m not alone!

    Why on earth would they remove that?!! it was a quick and easy way to add a bit of spacing around your images without the need to mess with css.

    And what a time to make this update, 2 days before the Easter holidays. Waht a nightmare this last few days has been trying to get plugins & themes working.

    I just upgraded to 3.9 and that is the first thing I missed … borders. I almost always put a border around my photos and graphs, and the option is gone. PLEASE bring it back, WordPress!

    I agree with the general consensus here. WordPress is becoming more and more oriented to be used only by developers. I’m confused as to why they would take such a user friendly option away. I hadn’t even realized this option was removed until last night when a client called me asking how to create space between a picture and content. I told her to refer to the tutorial I had written for her and she alerted me to the fact that the option was no longer available. Then she asked if I could revert her install back to the old version.

    It’s one thing to tell someone click here and enter a number as opposed to explaining how to write CSS class.

    I agree with idesignyourvision — I too am confused – I have had to warn all my clients NOT to upgrade to new WP 9 – unfortunately some ‘automatically’ updated and so it begins! My clients are not programmers and I have already started getting complaints. Soooo…. IF WordPress considers this an acceptable upgrade designed for use only by developers, and disallows me (and clients) to use older ‘usable’ version, then, unfortunately, it may become necessary to start searching for an ‘replacement’. So far I have no found instructions on how to revert ‘back’.

    I also strenuously agree with both idesignyourvision and Cardminnow. (And the many others before them who are upset at the change.)

    This was a very bad move by WordPress, and if this sort of direction continues I will definitely start looking elsewhere. In fact, we are about to start a major website redesign and this is motivating me to make a CMS change. 🙁 I like WordPress but I’m not “married” to it.

    It’s hard enough to wrangle images in WordPress without having to break out the CSS to make them behave. This is not an improvement.

    Anyone want to write a plugin to help with this?

    I deplore whatever thinking went into removing the border and pad fields that were in WP 3.8… I want this feature bad enough that I may drop back to WP 3.8 and not updating.

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    Just a note for other people who want to post here: Remember this is a support thread and not a Requests and Feedback thread. Please don’t take over this guy’s thread.

    This plugin adds an option for image border and margins:

    Here is a screenshot:

    I know some people said they don’t want to have to use a plugin, but with the 3.9 update out right now, that’s the only option to get the exact same functionality back in the very short term and it might help.

    In regards to complaints, the best thing you can do is give calm, constructive criticism and example use cases that explain how/why you were using those settings. Note: screenshots are always a good idea, for example: show your theme in action and how the spacing looks terrible without updating margins and borders.

    I care a great deal about WordPress, and I didn’t code the updates that are in 3.9, but I do know a little bit about it and I think recording positive, constructive feedback and talking about solutions that move everyone forward and solve problems would be more helpful and interesting than just posting complaints. For example, did you know a really good theme will add a nice amount of spacing around an image by default? Did you know a small adjustment to a theme can add borders all at once? I know there are probably use cases where getting a well-designed theme isn’t an option or adding a few lines of CSS also isn’t an option, but I do think saying that there are excellent themes in the world that will work well without having to edit the spacing for images one by one is worth mentioning at least as a possibility. Also, I’m really just guessing that you are trying to edit the spacing for every single image every time you add one and that seems very inefficient to me. But instead of assuming, I’d rather see some clear examples (with screenshots) from those who want to document and educate people here about what’s really going on with their site and how the old settings were helpful. Without examples and explanations, its just negative and that’s not very motivating or helpful!

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