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  • I find it outrageous that 3.9 takes away the old image padding fields that were in the advanced image editing options. I used this every day. Now I have to build padding and border into the image…. arrrgh! I have no clue how to do the same thing in 3.9! I want 3.8 back!!!

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  • Here’s a plugin that might help you out: Advanced Image Styles

    I agree with lohrman. Outrageous. A bad move that needs to be reconsidered by the dev team.

    I was so frustrated about this issue (before I found Andy’s helpful plugin link above – thanks Andy) that I was actually discussing changing to a different CMS with my client today. We were (and still are) very seriously considering it, with the direction WP is taking these days.

    Andy, that’s awesome! works great! Thank you! Better than what was in 3.8.

    I agree with lohrman! What was the DEV team thinking! Also, 3.9 has rendered useless a large number of plugins that use WYSIWYG editor! So far I have had 32 complaints from clients and I’m sure the number will increase. PLEASE UPDATE THIS IMMEDIATELY! Roll back to previous version in new update!

    Andy, thanks so much! Great plugin!

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    At this time, we’re sticking with the plugin and there are no plans to reincorporate the options. That aspect of the media modal was rewritten so it would take a lot more than just ‘adding it back in’ or ‘rolling it back’ without serious consequences to a lot more :/

    While we understand that everyone addresses things differently, the real place the issue should be corrected is in the themes that aren’t adequately handling border and padding for you. You should never be having to edit that on every single image in the first place.

    I agree with some of the above posts it was a bad move to remove these options in 3.9 – in fact this new improved version of WP has caused more headaches than these so called improvements are worth. No idea what WP devs were thinking here.

    this new improved version of WP has caused more headaches than these so called improvements are worth

    Actually, the 3.9 upgrade has been pretty quiet and uneventful from a support perspective.



    Try to add it back in the next release. Modifying the theme takes away flexibility.



    Another vote to put the padding & shadow features back. specific example: The theme is set to not put borders on images by default, which is what we want, since most images posted are the same color background as the site (white). But often times we use an image for a post that doesn’t have a white background, and it looks much nicer with a border, so we manually apply it to that image using the WYSIWYG edit in 3.8 and earlier.

    Now, telling my end users to just ‘type a 2 in the border field’ isn’t an option, so I have to create a ‘border2px’ CSS class that they have to type in (and hope they don’t make a typo).



    Image border, padding, and while you’re at it Links;-) When you have to start relying on a 3rd party to keep their plugins up to date, just so you can have basic functionality (that had been around for years) then you start questioning how far out on the limb you want to go. But, WP is open source right? You could have someone start developing a “User Friendly” fork and the rest could go with the “Developer Version”.

    ??”…pretty quiet and uneventful from a support perspective”?? Well, of course… the more functionality you drop out and push off onto a 3rd party plugin, the less that will be expected of you.

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    We won’t be making multiple versions of WP. It’s a nightmare to maintain and the extendability of WP is part of it’s charm.

    Links: Most people use menus for that now, which are more extendable anyway.

    iwbyte – If you install the plugin listed in the 2nd post in this thread, you can go back to telling your users about the 2.



    I wasn’t suggesting “we” do the rogue offshoot.

    I had installed the plugin, and yes, it makes the Advanced Image editor menu look like it should, without a plugin.

    Links: By categorizing links, I could create multiple dropdown windows which had only links for a specific topic.

    Oooh please bring back the the margin and border options. Much easier for my clients. Yes we can do it with a plugin but would much much much rather not have to!



    With the margin and border options as part of WP we had something that was working. With this as a plugin, we’ve gotta wait for the Advanced Image Styles author who’s responded to 2 of 10 support threads.

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