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[Resolved] image on slide image issue

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  • Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hi @ppagarawl, the icon is a quick shortcut to the “Edit Slideshow” panel and only shows for admins. Looks like it is being corrupted by your theme’s CSS.

    It can be easily disabled by adding the following code to your theme’s functions.php file:

    add_filter( 'easingsliderlite_edit_slideshow_icon', '__return_false' );

    As you can imagine, I’d really like to troubleshoot this issue to prevent it from occurring for other users. It would be brilliant if you could provide a live example of this issue for me to have a look at, however I understand if this is not possible at this moment in time.

    Thanks Matthew!
    The issue has been resolved. However, i’d like to know how i can use those tiny button on the bottom to switch between different slide images.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    I’m not quite sure what you mean. Can you explain a little more? Are you referring to the directional arrows for going to the next/previous slide?

    Are these not working?

    Hi.Yes i meant the circles on the bottom of the image are not workin( generally used to sweep through the images. also the direction arrows aren’t working.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Might be some Javascript conflicts with another plugin, or something along those lines. Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do from here without being able to access the site. Would this be possible at all?

    What jQuery version are you using? The minimum version supported is v1.4.2.

    Sir, I am running it on WAMP server on my localhost presently. Please let me know how i can get you access to the site. should i send you the files? If so, then pls let me know you email id.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Unfortunately sending me the files won’t help that much. The only real way for me to do any debugging is to have a look at the site myself. As you are using WAMP this isn’t possible.

    When you upload the site to your hosting, on a public domain, I can have a look then. I assume you plan to do this in the future. If so, get back to me then and I’ll happily help. Will definitely be able to diagnose any issues then.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hey again, going to mark this as resolved but if you’d still like to receive support feel free to get back in contact 🙂

    sure. your help was of great support.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Thanks, glad to hear it 🙂

    Hi Matt.
    just stuck with another problem here. I am unable to add images to the slider. Can you please tell me the possible causes?

    I re-installed the plugin and it didn’t sort the problem.

    waiting for a quick reply.


    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Sounds like a Javascript error. Please try following this advice.

    Firstly, disable all of the other plugins you have activated (or as many as you can). If the issue persists, with just Easing Slider “Lite” active, it is more than likely a conflict with the theme.

    If the slideshow works when it is the only plugin active, you’re experiencing a plugin conflict. Carefully enable each plugin, one-by-one, checking the slideshow each time. Keep doing this until you activate the plugin that breaks the slideshow.

    After you’ve taken these two steps, make a support topic and we will get back to you as soon as you can. Otherwise, feel free to contact the developer(s) of the conflict plugin/theme also. They should also be able to provide you with assistance.

    well. just did that earlier.
    and it gave me this slideshow contains no slides.
    and when i click on customise button on the slider tab a blank page appears. add image button on the edit slideshow doesnt do anything

    PLS help me out!!

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    So you disabled all other plugins and go a “No slides” error? That makes no sense, are you sure you followed the quoted instructions correctly?

    Simple leave Easing Slider activated, and disable everything else. Check if Easing Slider is working. If not, try reinstalling it again but ensure it is still the only active plugin. If you still have no luck, try changing your theme.

    If all of that fail, you’ve probably run into some WordPress issues and may want to contact your host.

    just to add am running it on local host presently

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