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  • I think this maybe a problem with my theme specifically. I am having trouble seeing the image on a post of the front page or home page but when I click on the post to read it, the image does show. My home page seems bare without the images. my website is here.

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  • I see you’re using the Arthemia Theme. Aside from uploading the theme folder, you need to do some more configurations to make it work for you like adding new categories Headline and Featured plus putting information in Custom Fields for each post to get the thumbnails and info, and following instructions to get your blog going.
    Check out Theme Author’s instructions and go to section “I’m done. Any configuration I should do?” Read and implement instructions.
    Good luck.

    Thanks for the response. I looked at the instructions and could not find why I would be unable to see image only when click on the post and not on the homepage. Know of any other themes like it or already formatted versions?

    Your homepage shows the excerpts which does not include images. To include images in the frontpage excerpts, use Custom Fields.
    Per instructions:
    Thumbnails across the theme are configured using the Custom Fields. You should add a custom field called “Image” in every post and put the image filename and folder within the custom field value. For example, custom field name: Image; custom field value: wp-content/uploads/2008/04/pool.jpg.
    How about the different image sizes for each thumbnails? Well, no worry for that because Arthemia has its own image resizer. Just upload one big-sized image and everything is under control.

    Speaking of auto-generated thumbnails on front page, the creator of your theme has a paid theme Platformate. You just need to buzz him.

    Or, try the post-thumb plugin which automatically generates thumbnails from the pictures you have in your post. I have never used this so good luck to you.

    Totally missed that. Now I guess my follow up question is how do I create a “custom field.” Thanks again

    Your theme files should already have the custom fields codes set up.
    On your end you have to:
    1. Open up recent post to edit: Manage > Posts and click on link to edit
    2. Scroll down to the Custom Fields box (click on “+” if not opened yet)
    3. In box under “Key” add: Image
    4. In box under “Value” add: e.g. wp-content/uploads/2008/04/pool.jpg
    Note: you can find out the correct path and filename by looking at path of the image you added in post area in html view
    5. In box under “Action”: Click on Update
    You’re good to go. Next time you add the Image custom field, it will appear in drop down menu under “Key” because you’ve already set it up. You will just need to add “Value” of that Image key in your other posts.

    Tired doing it this way but I maybe missing something. here is what I did.

    1. I uploaded my image to wp-content/uploads/2008/08…

    2. under custome field i placed key = image and then in the value I tired multiple file paths such as wp-content/uploads/2008/08/l_05.jpg I also copied the entire link from html view

    3. clicked update and save but no cigar

    I downloaded post-thumb plugin but not really sure how to use this instead.

    Hi rak.patel, don’t give up on the custom fields yet. You just need to get it going and get the hang of it.

    Please note that “Key” is case-sensitive, should be Image with a capital I

    Delete custom field with the value you previously posted. Then input Image under Key and the Value of that key. For the Value go HTML mode and make sure you copy path from <img src=”… />

    Give it one more try.

    Capitalizing the I in Image helped a little. It brought a box with only the name of the post not the picture but it seem the box was the picture size. (this is without the html code)

    I tried <img src=”×150.jpg” alt=”” width=”150″ height=”150″ />

    This did not do anything for either. it brought up the following:

    &w=150&h=150&zc=1&q=100″ alt=”ACRONYM” class=”left” width=”150px” height=”150px” />

    sorry I thought this would be easier. I just really like thise theme but too much manipulation.

    you place
    in Value for Key “Image”
    not the whole img src info



    I’m having the same problem. I know to NOT place the whole src info, yet the pictures still won’t show. My website is Can anyone help me get the home page to show pictures? Thanks.

    check out this thread, it might have the answer that you need.

    I had the same problem at and it was a problem at the host end that has now been fixed.

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