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    Please i urgently need a help, i designed this site daxceltechnologies on local serve then transfer it online. but i just login to the site and noticed that all the image i installed on the site are not showing but the images are still on the library.

    please what do i do? do i need to import the images all over again?

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  • Your images are linking to localhost/daxcel. Instead of this

    <img src="http://localhost/Daxcel/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/SEOHOME2.png">

    make it to look like this

    <img src="/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/SEOHOME2.png">

    maybe there is a plugin to do that for you, but if you fail to find one you will have to change it manually. Sorry. But the good news is that you don’t have to import all images again. 🙂

    Hi King Dave.zex2911 is correct.
    If you don’t wish to do it manually however, you could try the Search and Replace plugin to search all instances of localhost/Daxcel and replace them with
    You would have to back up your database first and probably use the plugin’s “search only” feature to test that you are not modifying anything else.
    If you are SQ-savy, you don’t even a plugin: simply run an SQL statement from phpMyAdmin.

    So I should change the Image url?
    Thanks so much,…….

    yes, just replace localhost/Daxcel with daxceltechnologies, like Marventus said. Or completely remove http://localhost/Daxcel.

    Thank zex2911 and Marventus i have done it……..

    pls i can personally consult you if i have any issue on WP?

    As far as i’m concerned, you can contact me for any kind of problem, but if i’m busy or don’t know the answer, you will have to look for an answer at the forum. But feel free to contact me whenever. 🙂

    King Dave – just so you know, we do like to have WP questions and answers kept on the forum, so the next guy knows what happened and how to fix it 🙂

    It’s fine to offer help offsite, but don’t troll the boards looking for people to pay you for it 🙂

    I thought that there is a way to send me message through forum, but i was wrong… Just checked that. As far as paying is concerned, I never asked anyone to pay me for my help (if I can help). My logic (or lack of it) was that he can post a problem and invite me to help him with a solution, or something like that. What do I know, I’m Bosnian, we are naturally dumb. 🙂

    we do like to have WP questions and answers kept on the forum

    Yes, we absolutely do, because after mod and contributor help, it is the best way of figuring out problems and potential solutions.

    I thought that there is a way to send me message through forum

    Don’t take me wrong, but you seem to have extensive experience in these forums (you helped in over 150 different threads) to know this feature does not exist. It is true the OP could have dropped you a message in this thread, but it is recommended per forum guidelines to have one thread per main (or individual) problem anyway.

    I never asked anyone to pay me for my help (if I can help)

    That’s what I understood too and I thought your offer was legit, but sometimes paid help offers, which are not allowed in these forums, come under many different and increasingly subtle disguises, which is why we are all very sensitive about them.

    King Dave, if you figured out your problem, please don’t forget to mark this thread as resolved whenever you can (right side of the screen, “This topic is” drop-down box).

    Good luck to all!

    THANKS all…….
    I have done it

    Guys – not sure if I have the same issue or not. All my photos are in the right files in wordpress, they are set correctly but for some reason none of them are showing.

    Please see here:

    Any help greatly appreciated. I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out. so far I know its not my media settings / they are set as per uploads file and the files are still present in the files. When I upload a new picture, it also does not appear. And I have tried deactivating ALL plugins and still no resolution. perhaps a DB issue?

    Any help gratefully appreciated!


    Hi Andrew,
    If you are trying to display your post images in the home page next to each post, try to set featured images to your posts see if that makes a difference.
    This is going to work depending on how your home page template (index.php) is coded.

    Thanks Marventus. None of the images are showing. For example, I reuploaded the header image, its in the right folder on the server but will not show. Its the same for all images whether featured or not.

    The images I found that are being retrieved from your uploads folder are:

    1. site-logo.png
    2. andrew-img100.jpg
    3. bacckground1.jpg

    All of them are giving 404 errors, which means they are either corrupt or not really in the urls specified in your HTML.
    Try to reupload them see if that makes any difference.
    If that doesn’t work, please contact your theme developers (WooThemes – Support) since premium template users should be provided support with their purchases.

    Thats the challenge…they do exist, they are not corrupt, it happens with all themes.

    They can be downloaded at their respective urls via FTP but cannot be retrieved via a url.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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