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  • Resolved bhirschi


    I just installed the plugin and was really excited at how it is looking on my blog:

    Unfortunately though I’ve tried pinning several images using the plugin. It opens the pop-up window and looks like it’s going to pin normally, but when I submit it returns an error that says “Sorry! Image not found. Close the window and try again.”

    One other thing I noticed is that in the pin pop-up window the thumbnail that typically shows in the square there is displaying an empty box.

    Not sure what is wrong and the same thing happened when I pin from Home Page or Post Details page.

    I deleted the plugin and reinstalled. With default settings it does work so I went through and changed settings one by one, checking to see if the plugin would work after each change. I’ve isolated the problem to the “Description Source.” The default is “Page title.” When I set it to my preferred option of “Picture title or (if title not available) alt attribute” then I get the error on the pin pop-up page. The error is nicely formatted and looks like it may be returned by Pinterest?

    As I was fiddling around with things I started getting a different error message in the pop-up, this time it didn’t display anything that looked like the normal pinning pop-up and instead it just had the text “NoSuchBucketThe specified bucket does not existpinterest.comD6E9BDEE06831360UjZrdOtP31jSjvODzu+Ub6/tvKNiiPqCI8TtJq/NJni//MRbp2AJ9Wf6fbKyCNur”

    I currently have it set back to the default for the “Description Source” so the plugin will function, but let me know if you need me to break it again for you to see?

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  • Plugin Author mrsztuczkens


    Hi, thanks for so much work you’ve put into isolating the problem! I appreciate it very much. Would you be so kind to “break” the plugin on your site again, so I can check out the issue on a live site? That would help a lot. After breaking the plugin please post a message here, so I’ll know I need to check it out. It shouldn’t take long.

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Marcin,

    Thanks so much for the reply. We have a big event going on on our blog today so I’d rather not do it just now, but I will break it tomorrow. Sound good? I’ll post here once I’ve done it.

    Thanks! –bettijo

    Plugin Author mrsztuczkens


    Sure, not a problem, sounds great!

    Good luck with your big event on your blog;)

    Hi there Marcin,

    I just broke the plugin again. Let me know if you need anything else from me.

    Plugin Author mrsztuczkens


    Hi again,

    I’ve diagnosed the issue. The plugin doesn’t work properly because in descriptions of your images you add hashtags (#something). Please switch back to a ‘Description Source’ setting that works. I will fix this issue in the next version of the plugin, so you’ll be able to use your favorite setting. Thanks for your help :).

    aww! that makes sense. The hashtags are important though because that allows the keywords to be in there when the person pins the images. I really appreciate you fixing it and will look forward to the release of the new plugin! –b

    Plugin Author mrsztuczkens


    This issue is fixed in the new version of the plugin. Please test it out and let me know if it works properly now 😉

    i have had a similar problem. the thumbnail image does not show up when i push the pin it button and then it responds with “sorry! image not found.”

    i tried to figure out the problem myself but cant seem to figure it out. any help would be great!

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