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  • My website is using the Genesis Epik Theme It as developed for me and the designed not longer does this work. I am a novice so need step by step help please,
    I deleted one of the photographs on the left hand columns at the bottom of the static homepage by mistake and when I tried to add it back in, it does not fit into the column like the others do. I have tried copying over the code from the correct ones but that does not work. I think it has something to do with the formatting of the photo itself. When I click on the edit button of the correct formatted photos I get an Image Details box with no ‘size menu’ in the there. Whereas there is a ‘size dialogue box’ in the Image Details for the incorrect photo. How do I get the image correctly formatted to add to the home page.

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  • Hi annrobers,

    How you are well.

    You will have to change this in the themes.

    Step one – go to themes
    Step two – click on editor
    Step three – go to style sheet and find the following code (change the settings to 210.22 width and 157.66 for the height)
    Step four – save

    If the code is not in your style sheet, check the other files.

    Always remember to make a child theme. Let me know if you were successful. Just remember, themes get their styling from the style sheet.



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    Hi Michelle
    I am sorry I don’t understand – I am a novice so please bear with me:) On the home page three out of the 4 images fit the columns at the bottom of the page. Why do I need to modify the theme when it is already working for some on the content on the home page?


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    I am still not able to resolve the image problem above. I am just about to start marketing my new services and need to resolve this. Can anyone help? thanks Ann

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