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  • Since the time i have upgraded to 2.7, i have noticed the images are not clickable. You can check out my site and see that in the first post image can be clicked (written in 2.6.4) but the second post image can’t be clicked. Why so?

    Site –

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  • The second image is not clickable because there is no <a> wrapped around it.

    Thanks for your answer. Before WP used to go that automatically. Now do i have to do it manually. I thought 2.7 would make things easier? Can you tell what exact changes do i need to make? Also I don’t get option of putting a large image.

    When you upload an image, or choose an image in your media library to put in your post, you have the field “link url” just below the description.

    From there, you have three buttons : “none” “file url” or “post url”.

    If you do not enter a link manually, or click a button to fill this field, then, no link will be added, and the image will not be “clickable”


    If I remember right, I think 2.7 changed this default behavior. It used to automatically link to the larger version of the image.

    Yep… You are right…

    Even if you do not fill the field nor click a button, the “insert to post” will automaticaly imbed the image in a link to the attachment…

    So I take that back… The image should be clickable by default…

    then, BUSA, are you sure you didn’t click the “none” button ? 🙂


    Thanks SimonJ. Well when i upload a image, this is what shows default.

    If you notice in the image, the large option is never there. However big the image is the large option is never clickable. I did not click any button so wondering why images are not clickable?

    i’m going to wager that the ‘large’ format is larger then the original image. try uploading something that’s over 600 pixels wide and see if the option pops up then

    Yes, I would guess that tgiokdi is right.

    I just made a short test and if the “medium” and “large” size defined in wp-admin => settings => media are larger than the original size of the picture uploded, these format are not generated by wordpress…

    By default, the large size in WordPress is 1024 x 1024 and the full size of your picture (the original size of the file itself), in the screen capture I see, is 536×290… This is why you don’t have the “large” option…

    Now, why the link doesn’t appear automatically in the ? … Well, I don’t know… On my side, if I choose an image in de media library or uplod a file from my computer the “file url” is always there by default…



    Thanks guys. Well not its fills the field automatically. However when ever i upload any sized image whether its more than 1024 x 768 or anything it never shows the large option, so everytime i have to manually go to html and replace the height and width. Before that was not the case. What could be the issue. Why doesn’t it show me the large option ever?

    Yeah, but this image in your example is 1024 wide…

    So it’s not over the limit… 🙂


    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    That example shows clickable buttons for small and medium, but not large (which is … well, the 1024xfoo size) so it’s working exactly as it should. If I look at your image directly, Firefox confirms it. You don’t need the large option 🙂

    Look on my side :

    My max width and max height are set to 1024 in my wordpress settings :

    With a 1024 x 768 :
    The large option is not selectable, because the full size in under the limit.

    With a 2592 x 1944 image :
    The large option is selectable, because the full size in over the limit.


    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Hah! SimonJ my office firewall blocks koolos! 🙂

    Thanks alot guys (Ipstenu and SimonJ). I guess this solves the problem.

    Special thanks to SimonJ for the help 🙂

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