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  • You’re using a bmp file, and WordPress is trying to resize it. If you tell it to use the full image size, it will work.×220.bmp should be replaced with, or the best thing you can do is to replace the bmp with a png or jpg file.

    This is what I see

    @sinip What about in FireFox? I see that in Chrome, but not FireFox.

    This is Seamonkey, Mozilla derivative.

    This is what I see in the latest version of FireFox

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    You are so right – it can be seen in Chrome. Just not in Firefox.
    Guess I will have to accept that.

    On another token – do you know which version of SEO is best? I mean which version can allow me to insert meta text and descriptions for each individual page?
    I am used to HTML5 and am confused that I cannot readily insert that information.

    Plus I do not understand how come my website being created in WordPress now is so slow?

    Thank you for all your help

    It’s loading slowly because you are loading a lot of files. If you get a WordPress plugin like you can minify your code. You’re also loading style.css many times on one page.

    You can install SEO plugins, or you can insert your own SEO manually into the theme. Assuming you didn’t create the theme yourself, you should create a child theme before modifying the files so you can update it later on without problems.

    Thank you for that information, Carl.
    I am using the child version of Mentor. That is the version the person that helped me transfer my HTML5 pages info my WordPress theme chose.
    Sounds like I need to adjust my website once I get more familiar with WordPress. What I will do right now is to install the bwp-minify plugin.

    I do not know how to install my own SEO manually into the theme?
    Honestly I do not know much about WordPress. Learnt how to create my HTML5 page but I was certainly not an expert so I am very thankful to the suggestions and help you can give me.

    I can also confirm that it doesn’t show in Firefox. And doesn’t show in Edge either. Strange.

    Regarding SEO, you basically have two most popular plugins to chose from – Yoast SEO or All In One SEO. Both have free and paid versions, see which one you like better.

    Regarding slow loading – there’s really A LOT of things to be improved here.

    But how on Earth can I get rid of the CSS files without disrupting everything?

    @curonet9 You don’t replace them, you minify them. Minifying it means you combine the css files into one file. Also something is calling the style.css file multiple times, when it should only be called once. One style.css file was coming from a plugin, but the theme’s style.css is also being called multiple times.

    Also, if you replace the re-sized image in the sidebar with the full image, then it will work in FireFox.

    Thank you for that information. I do not know how to do any of that, Carl, so I will find someone who can help me.
    I am so glad I found this support forum. Would not have known how to find thise sokutions elsewhere.
    Thank you

    Hello again,

    I realize there are many errors on my newly created wordpress website Am investigating how to remove those errors.
    On another note – I simply cannot understand how come my website does not show up in google with the the title I have given it. When I google my website it shows ‘Curo: Home’
    Can anybody tell me where the title I want to be shown in google should be inserted?
    Thank you very much

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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