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  • when I go to my folders containing my uploads, (I have it set to year/month folders) I have 4 sizes of any one image, one of which is 800×168. (instead of 800×600)

    For example: image-4.jpg, image-4-160×120.jpg, image-4-300×225.jpg, image-4-800×168.jpg.

    What’s with the 800×168? I tried changing the “Media” settings of “Large” to H=600 W=600 but it then makes a 5th size, 600×480 AND the 800×168 as well. It started doing this in June of 2010 I always have the most current update of WP.

    Is there a tweak in one of the PHP files I can fix? a setting somewhere? I don’t need the (800×600) as my originals are that size, but starting in Oct 2009 it started putting that size file in too, now it’s 800×168

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  • esmi


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    It could be an image size that has been added by your theme.

    By golly you’re right, my theme makes a “banner” of those dimensions. Thanks.

    It is the theme but I can’t find where or how. (it’s 800×198 not 168 as I posted earlier) I’m using “Twenty Ten” theme, it has a “Custom Header” tool so you can upload an image and custom-crop it to 900×198 (my ‘originals’ were only 800×600 so hence the 800×198) but that is it’s own tool.
    I can’t find how it does it on a normal upload using the WP upload tool (I can’t find the php file containing the command) It’s no biggie except I now have files on my server taking up space un-necessarily, I deleted them but it’ is a step I would rather do without

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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