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  • Depending on which browser I use, the image map is being distorted. It would work on Firefox, but not Safari…then I messed around with image sizes to get it to work in both, but got on Safari on another computer and it was distorted. How do I make the image map a fixed size across all browsers?

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    I’m not sure what you mean by distorted. Could you send a screenshot of the problem?

    Also the image map doesn’t resize well when user resizes the browser window, but it gets fixed when the page is refreshed after resizing. This is mainly because the HTML image maps use absolute coordinate values, so they need to be updated always when image’s size changes. I’m not sure if resizing is even the problem though.



    I just installed your plugin and first i would like to say thanks for the plugin. The base is really good, but i think it needs some improvements. One issue i experienced is also that the mapped image is stretched after adding it to the page. Also the image inside the pop has the same issue. I have also some improvement suggestion for you. To make it more easy to understand what i mean i recorded quickly a video. You’ll find it under the following link.

    I hope you take me suggestion into consideration and can fix the bugs.

    Thanks and regards

    Plugin Author Spike



    Sorry for a late answer, I’ve been quite busy recently. I watched your video and you had some good points there. Not removing “Add new image map area” link was a silly mistake of mine.

    I actually have no idea why that stretching happens. It’s hard to reproduce the bug as well, so testing and fixing it isn’t quite simple. To fix the pop up window stretching try to use the other popup window layout. You can switch it in Image Map Settings.

    Unfortunately I’ve got not much time for the plugin right now. The plugin is sure not very polished, but it was initially meant to “just get the work done”. Currently I’ve got no plans for a large update anytime soon. Thanks for making the video though, it helped a lot understanding the stretching problem.


    Try adding this plugin:

    I don’t have stretched image maps even in Safari (on Mac). But there is still a problem of misplaced image areas (to the left) and at least for me non-functional tooltips and popup windows.


    That plugin worked great for resizing my image, but it took away all of my hotspot links :-/

    Has anyone else found a solution for this?

    Hi, I have the same problem. Any solutions so far?

    I found the solution:
    Edit: imagemapper/imgmap_style.css
    Erase “max-height:100%” in “canvas{max-width:100% !important;width:100%;}”

    Safari seems to strictly apply the height 100% formatting, whereas Firefox or Chrome only apply the max-width CSS-rule.

    I found that my image was being stretched too…but only on full-width pages, and not on posts that had a sidebar…

    Anyway, I found a solution that involves


    changes to the plugin files.

    I enclosed my image map shortcode in a <div>...</div> and specified the max-width in the divs style, as follows:

    <div style="max-width:570px; margin: auto;">[imagemap id="208"]</div>

    This stops the stretched images, AND keeps all your image map areas in the right place. The margin:auto is there to make the image centred on the page.

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