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  • I have an image map on my theme which works 100% in browsers but being a responsive theme the image map dpes not work on smartphones or devices after resize.

    The image map is a very important feature for my site.

    Suggestions anyone?

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  • There are several ways to do this. At the moment I am experiencing this problem,too.

    Tomorrow I`ll have a look at this

    <a href=””>2 image map tutorials</a>

    and that

    <a href=””>jQuery Responsive Image map</a>

    For me, the last one looks very promising.

    I`ll report if one of this is working.

    Best regards, Bloxxor

    It`s working fine!

    Little Proble:

    After resizing the window the script loads before the Imagemap is shown, so after clicking on a link to a page the ImageMap seems not to resize itself.

    You have to resize the window first.

    Got to find a workaround for this.


    @bloxxor, it looks like you’ve figured out the implementation of that jQuery plugin, but if anyone else is using image maps in a responsive theme I’ve made a WordPress plugin using the jQuery plugin mentioned above, which should make it simple to use responsive image maps with any theme. See




    i’m sorry but i’m quite new to wordpress. i’ve been trying to make my map responsive since i’m using a responsive template.

    can you help me check what did i do wrong? I also have problems making my map centralize in the page.

    Is there also something similar for tables? as i found out that tables have the same problems where they will not resize properly.

    Philip Newcomer


    @ohyea, you don’t have any image maps on that page, that I can see. You have an embedded street map in an iframe. Maybe you’ve removed the image map from the page? Or maybe you’ve confused an image map with an image of a map, which are two different things. An image map has nothing to do with navigational maps, the “mapping” in an image map is the coordinates of the image map’s clickable areas (




    yea I got confused thinking the word image maps is literally a map. sorry! that’s why i said i am new. haha.

    so i suppose it won’t work on a navigation map then. 🙁

    thanks Philip!



    To be honest I ditched the responsive aspect of my theme and removed it completely. For real estate it is not a good idea.
    Responsive is a big buzz word with designers but in practice it doesn’t work for sales.
    Cost me a fortune and the bounce rate for non desktop searches went through the roof.
    As soon as I removed it sales up and bounce down.
    Responsive has a lot of issues for real estate, the pages can’t be resized so the text better be BIG so everyone can read it and tiny little fingers to navigate it.
    Images cant be zoomed in which is pretty essential for real estate., no one wants to squint at pics of an expensive rental or sale property.
    Take my advice and ditch responsive.
    Designers talk about how it saves scrolling around on a smartphone screen or tablet, have you ever seen the size of Web pages in responsive? One long long screen of scrolling with all of the features that convert sales lost.

    Philip Newcomer


    mutu, I understand your frustration. However, from your description I think it may have more to do with a poorly-designed responsive theme, rather than an issue with responsive sites in general. Just like anything else, there are good implementations, and there are bad implementations.



    @philip Newcomer.
    I have looked at a lot of responsive designs and they are restricted by the size of a smartphone screen which means scrolling and scrolling and scrolling…
    Also good or bad they can’t be zoomed in so if your eyes are not 20/20 and you don’t have tiny fingers how can you select anything?

    Clicking buttons is difficult unless you have tiny fingers and if the buttons are made large enough to be safely clickable then how can the site be optimised for conversions?

    For real estate it simply does not work and I have seen a number of sites switch to responsive and revert back under pressure from customers. My bank switched and then ditched responsive because of you guessed it a dip in sales.
    Shoppers simply don’t like it, I can base that on a well designed theme and 3 months of analytics data.

    Removed responsive and bingo! back to more time on site, more pages visited, lower bounce rate and enquiries through the roof. Contact form enquiries, although available on the responsive, were never filled out once in 3 months, changed the theme and emails to deal with from mobile devices again the next day.

    It does amaze me that people are so stuck on responsive, I can see it’s worth for forums but for selling, not at all.
    If you have a site that puts bread on your table it may be a very empty table if you use responsive.

    I am new with wp, and in the process of building a site for mountain real estate. I am currently using a responsive theme, but may I ask what theme you use/recommend? Cheers-

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