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  • Hey, anybody with some advice?

    We are using an image map on one of our wp generated pages and everytime we update the page through wp the image map code gets ruined so it’s not functional anymore. It seems wp changes something in the code.

    Any advice on how to by pass this? To see the image map –

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  • Looking for an answer to the same Chris… Will come back here if I find out (I can see from your site you never found an answer!)

    Here’s one I got working on my site (bottom of home page)

    <map name=”mapforcows” id=”mapforcows”>
    <area href=”” alt=”‘Link 1″ title=”‘link to Get found” shape=”rect” coords=”62, 21 ,105, 53″ />
    <area href=”” alt=”Link 2″ title=”Link to Get talking” shape=”rect” coords=”171, 60, 215, 89″/>
    <area href=”” alt=”Link 3″ title=”Link to Get talked about” shape=”rect” coords=”246, 100, 308, 132″/>
    <img alt=”3 cows” border=”0″ src=”” width=”475″ height=”274″ usemap=”#mapforcows” />

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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