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  • I’ve tried everything…

    Trying to create an image map.

    I have it working on my ‘old’ site but am trying to create a WP site.

    Here is the page with the image map:

    Here is my code:`<map id=”grisemap” name=”grisemap”> <area shape=”rect” coords=”0, 33, 164, 242″ href=”” /> </map>

    <img src=”” alt=”” width=”188″ height=”243″ usemap=”grisemap” border=”0″ />`

    Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?


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  • Well, ElayneW, if it makes you feel any better, I’ve been a WP/ user since they started and I’ve been able to successfully use <map></map> for years! .. until the past few weeks. And this week it’s totally gone! No matter what I do, strips the CODE from the HTML text and all <maps> become non-functioning. VERY INFURIATING! “. (((

    I have spent the last 2 hours researching this and finding NOTHING – other than the standard “ strips to protect its servers” crap! That may be so, but it’s still CRAP!

    VERY disgruntled and unhappy MULTI-YEAR USER who has evangelized the wazoo out of WordPress. This is so Microsuck that it stinks!

    @elayne — as you are using a commercial theme, you should ask studiopress for help with this question. Commercial themes are not supported here.

    @net500cg — it appears that you are talking about WordPress.COM — which is totally different from self-hosted site (which I’m sure you know). I’m sure it’s very frustrating, but ranting about WordPress.COM here is pointless and not relevant at all to the OP’s issue. If you want more freedom as to what you can do with your site, move to self-hosted.

    wow…okay, I’ll go another route. #passthebuck

    WPyogi ..
    1st Thank you for replying.
    2nd, I’m not ranting. I’m PISSED OFF. Never confuse the two. Ranting is pointless blather. PISSED OFF is Xtreme anger due to having ones work routine screwed up/over by unknown sources/reasons/other.

    Yes, I realize that the PLACE where I am experiencing the problem is – but to say and are ‘separate’, well, yeah right? I know the differences. But the backbone code is the same. This forum is where we go to get first-hand assistance with the WP code. So…?

    What I’m looking to find (outside of FIX!) is this:

    Has there been a weird code error/change/alteration, in how WP treats the image map tag .. or is enacting some sort of weird protective measure by dismantling the <map></map> tag? This tag is the same in HTML and XHTML. So why have we suddenly lost it? It’s a very legitimate question..!

    And as to the comment, ‘get a self-hosted’ site. I already have dozens of them. I use the as ‘extra touch’ sites. And up until the past couple of weeks, all worked quite well.

    I just want to know WHAT THE HECK CHANGED?

    I am all for Change that has positive outcome. But Change without direction, may end up being good, but in the interim is most disruptive. I’m just looking to lessen or eliminate the disruption now being experienced.

    Thank you.

    I understand your upset for sure, but does WP.ORG dictate WP.COM policies? That’s not my understanding. Have you asked this over there?

    Do image maps still work on your self-hosted sites?

    This ‘problem’ is not a policy matter. It’s a ‘WordPress’ code problem.

    YES, the <map></map> tag stripping occurs on both and sites. It occurs regardless of the Theme being used as well.

    The stand alone, sites, do not Right Justify everything like is doing now’days. But there are still aggravating ‘errors’ in code convention that are ‘universal’ to WordPress installations.

    I’ve been forced to focus my WordPress pathways, into Posterous and Blogspot. Which, BTW, do NOT cause problems.

    I suggest WordPress get crackin’ on this problem and solve it .. or they will begin loosing users in waves.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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