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  • Hi,

    I think someone has already had a similar problem to me, but I have other issues going on as well, so I created a new post.

    I’ve been very happy with the ImageMapper plugin, however, a couple colleagues have pointed out to me that the image map areas are not matching up with the corresponding image underneath. One colleague tells me it doesn’t work at all on his iPad.

    I cannot get this to happen – I’ve tried it out on an iMac, Macbook (15″ & 13″) and iPhone 4S – all fine for me. I’ve also tried it in Safari, Chrome & Firefox; still all fine.

    Do you have any idea as to what could be causing this as I can’t really fix something that works on my equipment?


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  • I wanted to write this issue too. On Macbook, Firefox and Safari, image areas are slightly left to their (drawn) location. It doesn’t matter how image is aligned.

    The gap is raising progressively to the right so image areas on the right side of an image are positioned more to the left image edge than those on the left side. It might be just one miscalculated increase of x value in a loop when showing or saving area coordinates.

    It’s funny that it doesn’t help with Responsive Image Maps, too:

    Ups, wait a minute – I have turned off this additional plugin and images are strecthed – in Safari. Firefox is still fine. So I can confirm that with Responsive Image Maps images are correctly displayed in all browsers on Mac and on PC but image areas are moved to the left.


    Is it possible for the author to comment on this?

    The problem occurs in Mac OS X 10.6 & 10.7.
    The image map areas are positioning incorrectly to a large extent.

    Plugin Author Spike



    Sorry for not replying earlier.

    The problem with HTML image maps is that they use only absolute values for coordinates. If the size of the image is different the values will not match.

    This is however fixed in ImageMapster, the jQuery plugin the ImageMapper uses. When images are resized, the browser will detect the change and calculate new values for every image area. Responsive Image Maps does the same.

    However it seems that sometimes the change is not detected correctly. As I’m not the developer of ImageMapster nor Responsive Image Maps it’s hard to me to say where’s the problem.

    There’s also another problem which may cause the bugs in image maps. The image map of ImageMapster consists of two images, an HTML5 canvas element and an HTML image map. Only one of the images are actually used to display the image. Canvas is used to draw highlights and other effects and the other image is a transparent layer which handles the mouse functionality with HTML image map set to it. The problem is that some WordPress themes resize the display image without resizing the canvas and the transparent image. All of the layers’ sizes have to be equal or the image maps won’t function properly.

    Please check if the stylesheets of your themes have style definitions which may cause the images to be resized. Also any errors in Javascript console (can be found in browser settings) might be useful as well.

    I hope this helps.

    Hi, I was having a similar issue, where my image and map were being oversized. If I controlled the image size via CSS, the map was still oversized, thus wrongly placed. I was able to fix it by simply setting the ‘imgmap-frontend-image’ class width and height to that of my original image, no responsive plugin was necessary:

    .imgmap-frontend-image {
    width: 605px!important;
    height: 529px!important;

    I had the same issue. It ended up being the margin for images set in my theme style sheet. I added images dimensions and set the margin to zero in custom CSS and it fixed my issue.

    .imgmap-frontend-image img{
    width: 814px;
    height: 612px;
    margin: 0px;

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