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    Installed it, nice interface, but it seems somewhat inflexible.

    Once you adjust an image (add border, style, etc) and insert it into the post editor, is there a way to tweek it some more (change the border and style settings) without deleteing the image and starting over?

    Also, is there a way to add more than one ‘pop up’ window to a post?

    Now when I insert two pop-up images into a page, they share a single pop-up window (the images toggle in the single window when you click on them).

    Any way to have two or more windows at the same time?

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  • Samuel B


    To adjust the way images are displayed – look in your style.css for the appropriate image definitions.
    Not sure about your other question.



    Thanks for responding, samboll. Sorry I didn’t explain my questions clearly enough.

    The Image Manager plug-in is a utility to edit the image styles: position, margins, padding, and placement etc., and then upload the image to the post box on the Write screen.

    A fancier version of the standard built-in file uploading utility, it also lets you create pop-up thumbnails on your blog page.

    I have two problems (difficulties?) using it:

    First, after I edit the image in the plug-in module and send it to the Write screen or publish it, if I’m unhappy with the way the image looks, it’s cumbersome to make changes. I can’t just highlight the image (like I can with the built-in editor) and make quick adjustments to it. Instead, I have to call up the plug-in module, browse for the image, click it into the module, and re-enter all the styling info, and resend it to the write screen.

    I was hoping there’s a quicker way to re-edit images, instead of the clunky way it works now.

    Also, I’m hoping there’s a way to have more than one thumbnail pop-up window open on the blog page at the same time. The pop-up feature is nifty: if you click on the thumbnail, a window pops opens on the blog page, and you can drag it wherever you want. But you can only pop up one image at a time (if you send three pop-up thumbnails to the page, you can only toggle between them one at a time).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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