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  • I have been researching this for the past few days now and really I am astounded that I have not come across a decent solution. There must be loads of photographers out there who require this.

    Here is the scenario. I would like the images on my site, whether they be in a gallery or a post or page to show up in a lightbox. As part of the info shown on the lightbox, there should be a link to download a hi-res version of the file.

    Sounds simple, and while I have found some lightbox plugins that can do this, or , they are mostly flawed in that they only link to the image that is being displayed. Though ideally one would not like the hi-res image (we are talking 10-20MB an image) being the image displayed. I thought I had found the solution in this thread but alas I am unable to find the plugin mentioned. I was hoping to use this with NextGen and the FTP upload option, leaving the Hi-res images in the FTP folder, but for some reason that escapes me, when using NextGen scan folder for new images, it scans the folder that it created for the gallery, not the original folder one uploaded images to. That said, this still might work if combined with NextGen Lightroom plugin…

    The workflow then could be run lightroom export to Nextgen with web size images, this triggers another export in lightroom which ftps the hi-res versions of the same images (named) the same to a folder that will then be the link for the download link.

    There must be someone out there who has already done this or knows of a workflow that works with some plugins I am missing. My rusty programming skills and time constraints dictate that I am not going to be writing such a plugin and would happily pay (within reason) for one that existed.

    Any ideas / tips?

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