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  • For some reason any url links that we add to images in image libraries on all of our sites are not being saved.

    If we add “link to image” in the “Link Url” field in the edit image dialogue box and then update and close the window, next time we open it up the link has not been saved.

    This has happened overnight on all our sites single install and multi site.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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    What changed between today and yesterday? New plug-in added? Any upgrades to plug-ins or themes or WP?

    Hi zoonini

    We have lots of sites running, some of them in multi-site and some of them as stand alone sites. Some of the multi-sites are in folders and others have mapped domains.

    We think that the affected sites have two plugins in common:

    Google Analytics for WordPress – Joost De Valk
    Google XML Sitemaps with Multisite support – Mario Kostelac

    I’ve tried deactivating both plugins, but we still get the same problem.

    We can add an image url in the pop up media files window, update it and when it’s opened again it disappears.

    Very unusual and strange that it’s affected so many sites all of which have different set ups. As you say there must be something that has changed, we just don’t know what and it’s certainly nothing that we have done manually as some of the sites are single installs and have not been worked on this week.

    We have not upgraded either of the two plugins listed above.

    Thanks for your thoughts, if you have any other suggestions, feel free!


    HI again

    Just tested this in a different browsers and it turns out that it seems to be an issue with Google Chrome, we can’t replicate it in Firefox.

    That still doesn’t explain though, why it is only occurring on some of the sites and not on others. It’s also happens regardless of which computer we use but only in Chrome.

    This has solved the issue from our point of view, but I’d still like to hear if anyone has any thoughts on it.


    I have the same issue in Chrome as well. Even turned off all my Chrome extensions to see if that is what it was. I’m thinking Chrome auto updated and something is messed up from new Chrome release, not from new WordPress release as I have several sites affected.

    I should clarify .. using IE or Firefox or Safari .. no issues. Only in Chrome (Chrome 10.0.648.204) .. when editing a page, trying to place an image in the editor works fine, but if you try to LINK that image up to a page or the image itself .. it won’t save the link. Very strange behavior. It will let you go through the motions, but the link won’t stay.

    WordPress 3.1.1 and all plugins deactivated .. still doesn’t work right in Chrome.

    If anyone finds the cure please post it here!

    This seems like a bug. When adding an image into the visual editor, WordPress automatically makes it into a link. If you are in the visual editor and try to turn the image into your own link, it doesn’t remove the default link, it just encloses it together with the image in another <a> tag so you get something like:

    <a href="desired link"><a href="default link"><img src="your image" /></a></a>

    The new link does save, but the stacking order makes browsers direct to the link closest to the <img> tag.

    Best way to sort it out is go to the HTML editor and remove all the <a> tags surrounding the image, and then the visual editor will work normally.

    Any idea if this is getting fixed? Very annoying.

    I’m also experiencing the same thing, but I’m getting it in all browsers. The links just won’t save, no matter what. Even if I click one of the available buttons and hit save all changes, it doesn’t save the link.

    Any updates on this? Has it been reported as a bug? I’d like to be able to use this feature! It’s perfect for something I’m trying to do and now I’m going to have to use the Alternate Text field for this link. Something that will not at all be friendly to the end users.

    Now that Firefox has upgraded to 6, now Chrome and Firefox are experiencing this problem when A) a link is at the end of the sentence and character remains after it .. the link is created, however you cannot do a hard link break to the next paragraph. The only way to get a new line is to manually put <p> tags in the html editor. You cannot make a new paragraph if the last thing in the previous paragraph ends in a link … since the latest release of Chrome/Firefox/WordPress I have been experiencing this problem intermittently on several sites. I have confirmed the issue is NOT a plugin or my theme.

    Another issue is B) the images will not retain their links after saving the page (unless you manually do it in the html editor) … Anyone have suggestions or workaround to fix it so the wysiwyg editor doesn’t mess up anymore?

    I am also having the problem in Google Chrome where I cannot add a link to an image:

    …when editing a page, trying to place an image in the editor works fine, but if you try to LINK that image up to a page or the image itself .. it won’t save the link. Very strange behavior. It will let you go through the motions, but the link won’t stay. WordPress 3.1.1 and all plugins deactivated .. still doesn’t work right in Chrome.

    Have tried clearing cache but still no joy.

    It’s fine in Firefox.

    I’m also noticing this problem in Chrome 14.0.835.837 with WordPress 3.2.1

    I’m relatively new to WordPress, but after successfully linking images to URLs in several previous posts, I can’t seem to save a link with images either, in either Safari or Chrome. I’ve tried doing it in html as well but no luck. Any advice?

    Figured out a solution to a very similar issue I was having.

    If you upload an image in a page using Add Image and do not change the link URL to None before embedding it on the page it will not allow you to change the link. It always remains the attachment URL.

    To fix it you need to change the URL for the image in the Media tab or delete the image, re-upload, and add the correct link before you embed.

    Thank wdonahoe, this does work, but it’s still a pain to have to do. We’re having no end of trouble with WordPress not saving the image with the link, so on every change we make to our site we have to keep deleting the image, finding it in the media library and add the URL before inserting the image into the post. Would love to get some response from WordPress on this. I’ve tried all my browser, Chrome, Firefox and IE and it does the same in all of them.

    Just encountered this issue myself today and it seemed like a bug, so I looked for a trac ticket on it. Sure enough there is one that shows it’s been around for a while but unfortunately is a pretty low priority bug fix. In the meantime it’s a pretty easy workaround to update the metadata field on save/edit… below is a link to a plugin (it’s not mine… it’s just the one I found attached to the ticket) that will do this for you.

    Thanks Superann. I’ve tried searching the plug-ins and can’t seem to find this one. I also searched the authors profile and it’s not listed. Anyone know of a plug-in that will fix this issue? Thanks.

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