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  1. phpdevguy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I am not sure when this began happening.
    I would always link an image to the page, for a larger view. But when the image is clicked I get a "file not found"
    There are 2 things that may be doing this. Either it started happening after I upgraded to 2.1 (I am using 2.2 now, and still the same) Or it started after I switched permalinks. I really hated to do it but its better for seo and indeed I did see higher traffic after I changed permalinks. I would just like to get the image links working again.
    Here is a post you can view that has the image linked to page, I hope it is self-explanatory enough.
    This post and image were uploaded AFTER the permalink change. The image link to page that were uploaded BEFORE the permalink change do the same thing, but I can understand that. Please someone help, I have tried everything I could...

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