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  • My challenge is this – when I first started my site a week back everything seemed okay on 3.5 but right after the update I would have periods where the services would stop showing my image library (when I would go in from a post to submit an image) in the admin panel and every time I would try to upload an image it would say Error try again later.

    But I found it would submit to the main media section on the side bar in the admin dashboard panel.

    I was for awhile just going to dashboard and reinstall and it would sort of “reboot” the system and allow me to continue posting images.

    I’ve gone through several different plugins through out this time and it doesn’t seem to be directly effecting it because it will work, then bug out after I’ve done nothing new to the site.

    I’ve even tried downgrading but I guess the new databases are no compatible with the old? Well what ever.

    I tried that, then ended up just reverting back to my old settings. But if we are all suppose to head forward, what is WordPress’ plan on tackling this issue?

    It seems a bit ridiculous at this point so many people have this challenge and I’ve not seen any real measures or answers to the riddle WordPress has created for itself and it’s users.


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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