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  • The recent updates 3.3.0 on wards has messed around with images so they now show in different sizes. It really makes the site look untidy. I opened a support topic but the answer I received was not helpful and didn’t address the fact that Woocommerce have changed something that affects the way images are displayed. I tried to get more information but it just doesn’t look like it’s coming. I have noticed this a few times when people start topics, they get an answer that doesn’t actually provide a solution and then there is no further communication, I have been so close to finding the answer as other people have asked similar things but after the first response by someone from Plugin Support the elusive solution never appears, it’s just quite frustrating as all in all I like Woocommerce. What makes it really frustrating is I can see that the Plugin Support person has been replying to other people but hasn’t come back to finish our conversation.

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    Thanks for the warning. Every time I’ve updated WooCommerce I’ve had to pay a programmer to go in and write script to fix images. Not sure why WooCommerce never addressed the “broken image” problem. Breaking images is a pretty major bug.

    Hello @aground
    To be honest we have never had any issues with images up to this point, we use a wootheme and so everything has up until recently worked fine but this update has really messed things around. I appreciate the work the developers do but this image issue has really thrown things out for a lot of people, and what makes it worse is that it was meant to be done like this. They say that themes now generate the image sizes instead of Woocommerce dictating the sizes, they say this gives theme developers more movement about the way they design themes however as there have been many complaints that have been flooding into Woocommerce it would seem that the end users do not agree with this dramatic change. I believe our theme sets the image sizes the same as Woocommerce does so we have no idea why our images are now showing in different sizes, they were perfect before this update. I have hunted high and low for a usable work around and even the code that I have found does not actually resolve the issue, we have to try and upload images that are all exactly the same size as each other which just ins’t that easy to achieve, all in all this has made our website look a mess and the devs only point us to web pages that don’t actually help, they just need to change it back and then it would work fine. Its a real shame as this was the best shopping cart we have used.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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