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  • Hi Im a first time WP user, and have been with Joomla over 2years now. I must say WP doesn’t have as much support help as Joomla…

    Busy with 3 WordPress sites, I have been struggling to find a way to work with images – especially inserting an image into a “post” and then following that post reading the full post…I think I cant get around to how WP “deals” with images. Then I have bumped into the SAME problem, uploading a theme (very nice looking) Wisebusiness template from Site5. Everything seems hunky doty untill I tried uploading an image into the testimonials “right-sidebar” widget – and again IT DOESN’T SHOW! I need images of clients logos to be in place of the Testimonials, and have reverted to adding a custom widget to the right sidebar, that wont show either. Seems there should also be a widget allowing for an image to be available on this theme, but it doesn’t show. Ive also changed file permissions to 777.

    How am I EVER going to create images, or is there a tutorial on THIS speific topic anyone knows of!!!!

    Im lost and annoyed

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  • To be honest, I can’t help with your request, but I’ll just throw two remarks :

    – unlike Joomla, that is hackers’ paradise, wordpress is much more the “works at once out of the box” type, and it calls less for hacking and deep hacking the code. You can do it of course, but it’s much less necessary, that might explain why you find less support, I assume the wordpress devs think that it’s best kept to really competent or motivated people.

    – your problem : could it be your host ? My previous web host simply killed scripts working under 777 permissions, for security reasons, only allowing it to work with weaker settings like 755…

    – Is it the same deal with another template ? If you don’t reply to this last question, I doubt you’ll obtain useful information from this forum, or else it will take much longer…

    At last a reply!

    Im working on localhost, the issue with the image not showing in the frontpage post, happens with all the templates. I cannot add an image to my frontpage post – question is this default WP that WONT allow for this?

    Im struggling, because Im not working with blogs or anything, im working with business websites…

    The latest template: WiseBusiness by Site5 says this:

    “Setting Post Thumbnail
    The theme comes with the WP thumbnail options enabled in functions.php. So, setting up a post thumbnail can be done in edit post page. The post option will be visible on the right sidebar of post edit page. You can use this option for homepage latest blog posts and testimonials.”

    But ofcourse this doesnt even show??? See the issue im having with images???

    Awaiting a reply…

    Moderator cubecolour



    I don’t know what the Joomla community is like, but its friendly here and you’re more likely to get people wanting to help here if you drop the snarky attitude.

    There’s a tutorial for using Post thumbnails here: which although a few versions old, seems to still apply.

    If there’s a problem with your theme, you may be able to get support from the theme author – there may be a forum for users of their themes where common issues are addressed.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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