Image is showing up instead of the whole post???! (1 post)

  1. THEGrizz
    Posted 3 years ago #

    In the place where my post should be, only the image is showing up :P I've gone into the back-end to check the permalink to see if it was matching with what I was looking at on the front-end and it is??!

    Here is an example of the lone image
    this example of a whole post.

    I imported my posts from a previous site, and just uploaded my media library to Go Daddy via FileZilla. I have since added posts/images and none of them are affected, and the vast majority of the imported posts are unaffected.

    I just noticed this because like I said, I've added posts since and have viewed the finished product and the post displays just fine. Any/all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

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