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    I added a small imgae in the header.php file and it shows up fine when I am on home page, but doesn’t show up on other pages. My blog is at . Tried on multiple machines and multiple browsers, but no use..

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  • Firstly you’re using some dodgey code to display this image:

    <img src="TajMahal.jpg" height=92pixels>

    It should be <img src="TajMahal.jpg" height="92" alt="Taj Mahal" />

    Secondly I am like 90% sure that the theme you are using should not be using tables (did you add them yourself??), and you should be aligning the image using CSS (<div align=”right”> at the very least).

    From your source code you can see that the picture is embedded on the website, you are simply displaying it incorrectly.

    ok..I am not that good at HTML and css.. so, I added the table myself..

    But I don’t understand why it is displaying properly on the home page but not on others..

    Another reason I created a table is the heading is using the html tags h1 and h2 which causes a line break I believe..

    solved… found the problem.. the image path should be absolute path.. I changed the path to absolute path and it is working fine now.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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