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  • Hi,

    I have 15 circles in the homepage… those images are also on the rest of the site in their own categories… now…certain images in the circles, when clicked, the top and bottom get cutoff … why? how do I fix this…

    If you go to my site

    and click on the 3rd circle on top (mubot earbud packaging) notice how the top and bottom get cut off…I have the same image uploaded into it’s category under Graphic Design>Packaging & 3D items.

    1st image…see here (shows the whole image)

    Please let me know if I need to adjust the height code somewhere and which one…I have a child theme…

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  • When I inspect your code, I see this:

    <img width="700" height="467" src="" class="attachment-single-post wp-post-image" alt="mubot-package">

    When you inserted the image into your post, did you click on the Add Media button? Did you try scrolling down the gray section on the right and selecting Full Size from the Size drop-down list?

    When images are uploaded into the media library, what usually happens is you get some scaled images that are automatically created. That’s why you see the resolution nomenclature -700×467 at the end of your image’s filename, you’ve picked a cropped down version of the full image. If you would rather display the full image instead, just cut out that part from the filename (so it ends in -package2.jpg), and adjust the height and width attributes as you’d like (the original image has a width of 1296 and a height of 1440, so make sure the ratio is the same if you use a smaller size so it looks proportional).

    No…I added the image on the circles by creating posts and setting a featured image in the post… If I add media like you said, the size would be perfect but it wouldn’t show on the circle….

    I made all the posts the same…and for example. the crayola poster on 1st circle looks small…and then some looks good….and a couple get cut off…

    This is driving me crazy!!! O_o

    I fixed this for now…instead of setting them as a featured image and format “image”…i inserted the picture in the post as a format “standard”…


    i am having the same issue — some circles are not smooth, have cut-off edges and look awful. is there a way to fix this before i really get into building galleries with this theme?

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