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  • Hi,

    This query relates to my post at I have 21 images in this photo blog entry. When I try to add a 22nd (I have 24 in total), clicking ‘preview’ shows that the entire post has gone blank. I have tried with several images, all with the same dimensions (640 x 426 px), and they all result in the same thing happening. I have tried searching for the cause of this problem, but found nothing.



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  • The link throws a 404 error

    Oh, do I need to click ‘Publish’ first for you to see it? I didn’t want to do that yet, for various reasons.

    It’s now published. Please see You’ll see that the first 21 images are there, but I could not add the final three without the whole post going blank.

    Hi all,

    The same problem is still persisting with my post at I have added the code ini_set(‘PCRE.BACKTRACK_LIMIT’, ‘1000000’); in wp-config.php as per what people have said at but that does not do anything.

    I made do with 21 images with captions after nobody replied to this thread during April. However, I changed something on the post today, and the problem returned. I then removed the 21st image, and the content returned. But I want to add that image back (and the other three mentioned earlier), and in future I want to be able to post photo essays with over 20 / 21 images. I’m a photographer… being limited like this is a real handicap.

    Hoping very much that someone can help!


    This could well be a server issue. Have you spoken to your hosts about it?

    Ok, I’ll try that and report back… .

    Is what it says at the link I gave above irrelevant in my case, or SHOULD it have fixed it?

    According to online chat support, it’s unlikely to be to do with them. Nevertheless, I’ve submitted a request for them to take a close look. In the meantime, I’d be keen to know if anyone has any other ideas.

    I heard back from my hosts. They did an investigation. Nothing wrong from their side. Please please can anyone suggest something from the WP side? I’m leaving the blank post up there so people can see so as to hopefully resolve this, but it looks quite unprofessional so I’m keen to find the answer soon 🙂

    Please… anyone at all??

    Bumping this… please, I can’t be the only one with this problem?! Every day I see people trying to access the photo essay I’ve deliberately left in the state it became when I tried to add a 21st image, so that some kind soul might see it and help out 🙂 The problem is, that post is making me look unprofessional :-s Adding ini_set(‘PCRE.BACKTRACK_LIMIT’, ‘1000000’); has not helped me. Pretty please, someone? 🙂

    I’m sorry but I think this is a server issue.

    Esmi, both online support and the investigations team both confirmed that this is not a server issue. Online support told me he was absolutely certain there was no way it could be a server issue.

    WordPress does not limit the size of your posts nor how many images a post can contain. But your server can as part of its security configuration.

    Even if WordPress is not deliberately limiting the number, there may be an error somewhere which is causing this. If you Google the problem, you’ll find many others have reported it (see the URL I posted above). It was an ongoing issue reported to WordPress some time back. Adding ini_set(‘PCRE.BACKTRACK_LIMIT’, ‘1000000’); seemed to help many people, but it has make no difference to me. I’ve already talked with my hosts about this twice. Their tech experts are SURE it’s nothing their side. Furthermore, they said that if they had installed any kind of limit like this, they know they would have had many people contacting them about it… which has not been the case.

    I just contacted my hosts for a third time, as you keep referring me back to theme. The response:

    “As a precaution, I have disabled Suhosin under your account which is normally used to prevent common malicious attacks. Please let me know if this helps. Another thing to troubleshoot is your theme.”

    I refreshed the post in question with Suhosin disabled: no change. If it’s my theme (which was custom made), I’d love to know what I can do about this on my own. My developer has gone AWOL!

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