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  • The image path in the page is this:

    <img width="150" height="140" title="Ron Leishman (c)" src="">

    That’s not the same as what you have above. Have you changed it, and cleared any caches and then check that it changed and is correct?

    Okay, now that is odd because I double checked and what I posted above is exactly what is in the Widget… Oh, except it is MyImages instead of Imags but that is the exact order. I did clear the caches. Perhaps I should remove the Widgets and then try again? Just doesn’t make sense that yesterday they were fine and then today nothing.

    Hmmm, site down for maintenance… Hosting is moving to cloud based, well will have to wait till tomorrow (or rather later today) to see if that worked!

    Okay, but “MyImages” is totally different than “images” – file names and paths have to be exactly correct.

    It was a typo… I should have just done copy/paste.

    Then I guess just try double, triple checking that path and that the image really is in that directory. A good way to make sure is to look using FTP – just in case something is weird in the dashboard.

    And if that still doesn’t work, yeah, I’d try redoing the widget – they just do funny things sometimes.

    Redid widgets and all is fine… thanks for your help!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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