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  • brianalex


    I’d like to add some code to the child theme to make the area behind my product images and descriptions an image eg parchment paper. You can see the site here:

    I don’t want the solid grey colour, I’d prefer a paper look.

    Can you help please? Many thanks!

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  • RossMitchell


    Love the CRM designs. Are they really his designs or in the style of ?

    You want to set a background image for the region with a class of “entry”, simplest is to get a photo of a parchment, one which will tile both across and down.

    But first things first, you want to either make these changes using either a custom css method OR a child theme. Some themes support custom css, there is a plugin too. While setting up a child theme is covered here:
    creating a child theme

    The css you want is like this:

    .entry {

    The lowdown on css backgrounds is here:

    You may need to fade or de-saturate the parchment image. It is challenging to create an image that tiles realistically.
    A more sophisticated technique is to use multiple images of different sizes (height and width each prime numbers), and setting overlaying images to have low opacity, this way the tiling is much less regular.



    Thank you very much. They are “in the style of” as Mackintosh himself didn’t actually design any jewellery during his lifetime. I managed to work it out in the end and you can see the end result here:
    Actually it turned out to very simple:
    I put at the bottom of Theme Options – Layout – Custom CSS:
    .entry { background-color: transparent!important; }
    #content { background-image: url(imageurl.png);’) }

    It took me a while to discover that I needed to edit the .entry. Thank you for your kind words about the site – it appears I am using Pinboard in a fairly unique way, but it works for me as I don’t want a separate site or sub-site for mobile users and I love the responsive functionality of Pinboard.
    Also, I think headers have had their day and that sliders will follow shortly, so it’s great to be able to remove them easily in Pinboard.

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