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  • I’m using the theme Modularity Lite.
    I have modified the header so it displays an image instead of the default blogname and bloginfo.

    I’ve pasted some code into the header.php file and refreshed the file.
    On the front page the image displays correctly but when I start browsing on the site (for example entering a post) the image vanishes and leaves a “missing image icon” where the actual image should have appeared.

    Makes no sense. I’ve double-checked all the php-files in the theme editor
    and made sure that they fetches header.php.

    Can anybody help?

    Check it out:

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  • What browser are you using?
    I am using Firefox 3.5.10 on Mac and the image shows up fine.

    Wow. Thought Id figure this out in under a minute. Got me stumped right now.

    If you are saying single.php calls header.php and the logo is in header.php then thats odd.

    What browser are you using?
    I am using Firefox 3.5.10 on Mac and the image shows up fine.

    Homepage it shows, but single pages it doesnt. Your showing it on single pages?

    Oh. Now I see that it isn’t showing on the single pages. Hmm…

    I dont know what it is but…

    Your homepage has no <title>

    From <body> down to the image all HTML matches

    The header is a different story.

    <link href="" rel="canonical">

    On a inner page the canonical link is wrong. That is why the image isnt showing. But how you got it like that I dont know.

    Well, I looked at the code and the logo is being called in the same way as the home page.
    Maybe, since the single pages are outside of the /blog directory (like, the “wp-content/themes/modularity-lite/images/logo-top.png” tries to go to “”.

    Aah! Jackpot!
    When I was viewing the source, wp-content/themes/modularity-lite/images/logo-top.png showed up as a link. I clicked it, and it sent me to the source of “” which does not exist.

    Aah! Jackpot!

    Read my last post. The answer is the canonical URL, so pretty much what you said.

    Oh. Yep! Missed that. 🙂

    Kinda embarrassing… Trying hard to figure this one out.

    Some points to consider:

    – The canonical URL only shows up here in

    – I’ve placed the image inside an a tag and it is supposed to link back to the index page (

    How can I get this to work. What should I do instead of using a canonical URL? I’ve tried this one:
    <img src=”../images/logo-top.png”> inside an a tag.

    And btw…
    The reasen I have no title is because the blogname() and bloginfo() fields in the wp-admin section is temporarly empty.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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