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    I have an issue with a image hover. I wanted to change the image after hover on original one. I’ve searched the official forum and checked the video guide about that. The problem is – it doesn’t work.

    In the video guide, in image settings in background section to click on hover settings, choose the image and as a “type” choose the “cover” option.

    In the current version, this setting is in “Advanced” menu, not the CSS as it is in video, but the rest is same. In “background” section in hover settings I’ve added an image and have chosen the cover as a type of background. But the image appeared in background and not in front covering the original image as showed in videoguide.

    Any ideas how to make it work?

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  • Plugin Support Ben Pines


    Cover sets the proportion of the image, it does not cover the image. You can set background hover through Section > Style > Background > Hover


    thanks for reply, I’ve done it already through background, but I’ve found out one problem with my site. I have some description under image so I have blank space with background image set and under image I have headline. Problem is I have more images in a row and when I am on mobile, I see all sections in one row first. So I have headlines in same section as background image, but the hover effect shows even when I point on headline or blank space.

    Is there any option to set the rank of section showed on mobile devices or I simply must have it all in one section to be showed properly and hover effect will be still active even hovering the blank spaces or headlines.

    Thanks for reply.

    Plugin Support Lisa R


    Hey @klajda,

    Can you please try to explain what you are trying to achieve in another way? The best way for me to understand what you are trying to achieve as well as what you are currently seeing/having trouble with.

    I’ll be happy to help!

    I ahve to say, I am beginner with Elementor and I have free license so far, just testing it on my personal blog and exploring its possibilities.

    I wanted a picture which would change after hover. At first I tried that with “image” widget, but it didn’t work. Then I found out I can just set background of column and its hover effect. I added titles under the images in different column so the image would change after hover of image only. But on phone and tablet, it took sections in row first. So it showed all images in row fisrt and then all titles. So I had to put title widget in same column with background image set and the hover effect showed also by hovering the title. In this moment I wrote last message, but I found out I can just put there blank space widget and set background image / hover effect only for blank space widget, not whole column. This is solving my problem so far -> I have images with hover “cover” effect (It shows different image), it’s with titles under images even on phones and tabs and the hover effect works only on background image, not on title as well.

    I hope you understand the issue, it’s solved anyway now.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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